[ANN] Quake Mining - Pioner In Crypto Mining Solutions

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Dec 26, 2017

Quake Mining is a pioneer in crypto mining. We elaborate a mathematical solution that will make token holders receive dividends for life. We are located in Quebec, Canada where electricity cost is very cheap. We will have an access to green energy, benefit from political stability and cold weather most of the year, will cool our equipment.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simple; we won’t blind you with ecoverse, debit card, investment, hosting equipment, etc. We will concentrate 100% of our effort to keep our profitability in crypto mining the highest possible in the most secure way. With our energy efficiencies, we will be able to operate on lower costs and thereby pass those savings on to our investors.

How It Works

Quake Mining token holders will receive Ethereum weekly, based on the amount of Tokens that represent their share in Quake Mining. These tokens will entitle the holders to the profit share of the dividends from Quake Mining operation. 60% of the mining proceed will be distributed as dividends to token holders, 14 % will be use for admin, maintenance, security, insurance and electricity; 1% will be in a fund to finance our own mining facility with full solar capacity to be more energy efficient, The remaining 25% will be reinvested bi-yearly to improve and upgrade our mining infrastructure, in order to beat the increasing mining difficulty and increase the ROI over the years.

  • Stable Geopolitical Zone
  • Cheap green hydro-electricity 2.4 cents kW/h
  • Half of the year the Quebec province experience very cold weather going under 0 and up to minus 30 Celsius degree few months a year saving huge cost in cooling.
  • Experience Chief Miner and Advisor in the Crypto Mining since 2014

We will take 25% of the total mining we do and accumulate it to buy the latest technology in crypto mining as it gets out twice a year that way we think we should be able to increase our capacity from 150 to 200 % a year giving always better and better payouts and raising the value of Quake Token.

Constant Payouts

Since the payouts are calculated in function of the token you hold and not the value their worth, the ups and downs of the market prices will never affect your payouts.

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