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Sep 7, 2017

PRESALE START: September 5th, 2017 PRESALE END:October 5th, 2017 PRESALE BONUS: 50%

How TGE differs from ICO?
TGE stands for Token Generation Event. This event is the same as ICO, but it does not contradict SEC regulations, it is completely legal and does not fall under recent ICO ban in China. Plenty of today's ICOs probably could fail to fulfill their obligations to token holders.

What is TechBench?
TechBench is a social platform for independent developers and investors based on Ethereum. It combines the best features of performance-oriented social media platform with interactive crowdfunding and employment solutions.

An innovative model will allow developers to be independent, work for themselves or find colleagues, search and create projects more efficiently.
The opportunity to participate and invest in high-profit start-ups should become accessible to a wide audience. In addition, the platform will provide a system which gives access to the base of qualified IT specialists which is a recruiting solution for business clients.


TechBench is a social network for IT-professionals and programmers which will offer membership to technologists that can lead to an unlimited amount of opportunity to blend talents and ideas into meaningful projects. They can interact, exchange ideas, and work together to create technical foundations for startups.

Within the framework of the project, the platform will provide a system which gives access for small and mediumsized (SMB) IT-business to the base of qualified IT specialists, formed using algorithms for screening and testing staff.

Platform aimed at different user categories


TechBench model offers opportunities for early investment and for investors to take a stake in the startup.

Investing with a long view is the best way to maximize profits, and the transparency features of the TechBench platform helps investors make funding decisions.

IT specialists

IT professionals can work together and present their effort in a form that protects their intellectual property.

The developer has powerful incentives. They own a piece of the startup and they get paid when the project meets the milestones set by the development plan.

Business (B2B)

B2B recruitment solution provides businesses pre-screened listing of qualified candidates that are ready to be hired.

TechBench eliminates the risk of inappropriate hires while reducing the time and effort needed to make a successful acquisition.

[size=17pt]Platform intended to change current model of interaction in the freelance industry[/size]
TechBench model is a ground breaking approach for promoting startups and creating early bird investment opportunities. The new model takes a different route than the traditional freelance web portals. The new approach is precise, and comprehensive solution to connecting investment and technical innovation.

TechBench model adds a new and exciting dimension to freelancing and the freelance economy. TechBench promotes ownership and long-term equity. Crowdfunding is the key to funding an elevated level of successful startups.

Collaboration rather than competition
An innovative model will allow developers to be independent, work for themselves or find colleagues, search and create projects more efficiently.

Collaboration rather than competition is an ideal environment for developing projects. With a global talent pool, professionals can share ideas and promote technological innovation. Projects that take form can attract developers on the TechBench platform. Developers play the key role of fostering project development and connecting the project to potential funding sources.

A place for new projects and ideas
TechBench offers an opportunity to collaborate on projects and develop successful startups through effort and equity participation. The model promotes professional collaboration on projects and active project management by developers.

Projects that can attract investment often need further work and refinement from the project stages. Developers perform this important role. Developers have an eye towards the internal value of the project and its external value to investors and the marketplace.

Investing in high-profit startups becoming accessible to a wide audience
The highest returns on investment often come from early stage investments. Investors that seek to maximize profits look to this stage as the best opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a successful startup.

Technological innovation can spring from nearly any source; collaboration among talented professionals is a leading source of successful projects.

TechBench allows everyone to safely fund start-ups with high growth potential. This approach maximizes opportunity for professionals, developer, and investors to gain access to substantial projects and early stage startups.

TechBench encourages equity participation, collaboration and early stage investment of cash and technical skills. Crowdfunding is a major source of tech investment today, and it is growing.


1 TBCH = 0.001 ETH fixed price + Bonus part

Two-time emission is planned. Will be distributed in the following way:

Pre-TGE round: 5.100.000 TBCH tokens (10%). Soft cap: 500 ETH. Hard cap: 5 100 ETH.

TGE round: 51.000.000 TBCH tokens (75%), equals to 51 000 ETH.

Stage bonuses:
Pre-TGE (presale) bonus to tokens is 50%.
First 10 days: 20%.
Second 10 days: 10%.
The rest of the days - no bonus.​

The TBCH token supply will be allocated as follows:
  • 10% of TBCH tokens (5,100,000) will be distributed during the Pre-TGE (presale)
  • 75% of TBCH tokens (51,000,000) will be distributed during the TGE (main crowdsale)
  • 14% of TBCH tokens (8,400,000) will be distributed among founders
  • 1% of TBCH tokens (600,000) will be used for bounty campaign
[The source code for the TGE smart contract is publicly available for research in the Github repository at the following link: https://github.com/TechBenchMe/TGE


Holders of TBCH token will receive service platform commission, which is levied from investors when they finance development teams.

The ETH commission from each transaction on the service platform is quarterly transferred to a special smart contract that proportionally distributes the ETH between the holders of the token, in accordance with the number of tokens owned by each holder.

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