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Apr 18, 2018

Problem that we solving.
Getting high profits from some investments in ICO projects, in the same time token buyers will lose their assets in the long-term perspective in 95% of cases. Eventually, the value of tokens of unrealized projects will drop to zero. At least 98% of ICO projects will never get realized as presented.

For investors: disrupting the old ICO model W12 creates ecosystem, where ICO investors could buy ICO projects tokens with less risks for them and multiple their profits in average 87x times per period. If the project will not be realized as presented, investors will be able to vote and return unspent funds according to milestones from a project roadmap.
For projects: W12 creates marketplace, blockchain protocol and automated smart-contracts for ICO fundraising without initial costs and special technical knowledge.

This model can transform current ICO market and helps to discover thousands of talented teams and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Web http://w12.io
Contact e-mail enquires@w12.io
Link to whitepaper http://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
Fundraising Goals (Soft Cap / Hard Cap) No soft cap. Hard cap = 30 000 ETH
Pre-ICO Start Date May 4, 2018
Pre-ICO End Date June 15, 2018
ICO Start Date July 1, 2018
ICO End Date July 31, 2018