[ANN](Pre-ICO) LeadRex- lead generation one-stop shop platform powered AI


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Jul 5, 2018
LeadRex Pre-Sale completed!
We hasten to report excellent news!
We reached agreements with the investor as a result of lengthy negotiations and signed an agreement on conditions favorable for each side. After the completion of the ICO within 7 days, the LeadRex project receives an investment equal to the unsold quantity of tokens considering the bonuses for the purchase volume under the terms of the agreement...


[doublepost=1530831901][/doublepost]LeadRex + Bancor = Partnership!
We are glad to inform you that LeadRex Corp. signed a cooperation agreement with Bancor Network about joining its liquidity network after the completion of the ICO. This is an important event for the LeadRex team, LDX tokens and owners of company tokens...