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Jul 11, 2018
Keep Foundation - Decentralized Megabyte Exchange

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The KEEP Foundation

Non-profit organization of developers and operators with a worldwide mission to advocate a fair, controlled by no-one, exchange of telecom services. The KEEP Foundation will develop and maintain The Exchange open-source code and smartcontracts.

The Decentralized Megabyte Exchange provides a complete ecosystem to buy, sell and exchange megabytes. Currently, the valuable traffic you purchase is at the mercy of large corporations and cannot be shared. In the Exchange network, it’s yours to share as you wish; your mobile megabytes travel through a decentralized peer-to-peer network controlled by no one and incentivized by the KEEP token. Combination of two novel technologies - SIMfree and Blockchain – makes possible the peer-to-peer share of mobile internet.

Truly Fair Megabyte Economy

Let’s consider you purchase 10Gb/month from your carrier and only utilize a third of it. On the other hand, there is an inbound traveler who just landed in your country and is in need of megabytes. The Exchange provides a single interface for real-time traffic exchange and payment, making your data bundle shareable using the KEEP token.

Bearing in mind that the decentralized network is controlled by no one, the price for every megabyte is set solely by supply and demand - forming a truly fair sharing economy.

How it works: KEEP token usecase demo video

About the Team:

David Lipovkov / Founder | Linkedin
Guy Zbarsky / Founder | Linkedin
Jacques de Waal / Partner – Keepgo EU | Linkedin
Alexander Zaets / Server Side Team Leader | Linkedin
Gili Chupak / Head of Customer Service | Linkedin


Dr. Igor Ryabenkiy / Managing Partner, AltaIR | Linkedin
Sam Netzer / Telecom and Roaming Executive | Linkedin
Ivan Zolochevskii / CEO AltaClub, exCEO Vodafone | Linkedin
Mark Kellerhuis / VP International Carrier Services at Sprint | Linkedin
Ishay Tentser / CEO IniTech | Linkedin

More information about the other team members in our Website