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Mar 19, 2018
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Platio is the first decentralized solar paving system in the world that does not take away resources from nature but instead partially requires urban waste for its production and generates green energy by using solar power and utilizes the perpetual momentum of urban life. The aim is to integrate progressive and environmentally friendly technologies on the level of the paving, thus contributing to the energy independence and sustainability of future cities. The solar panel system of Platio collects the energy of solar radiation on the level of the paving with the help of its high-performance silicon cells. The units integrate a multifunction network, so there is no need for installing complicated electrical wiring either. The solar panel system of Platio collects the energy of solar radiation on the level of the paving with the help of its high-performance silicon cells. The units integrate a multifunction network, so there is no need for installing complicated electrical wiring either. PLATIO is an unconventional, primarily outdoor energy producing, modular paving system optionally equipped with information technological functions. Platio provides an aesthetic and space-saving off-grid renewable energy system by integrating high-performance solar cells into attractive sidewalk paving elements made of recycled plastic. Electricity generated during sunshine hours can be stored by energy saving units or be used to operate functions integrated into the pavement or nearby electric devices of public places (public lighting, traffic control systems, other energy consuming street contrivances) independently from the grid. Unlike other in-pavement integrated renewable energy technologies, Platio is easy to install and maintain, since it does not require a special foundation and also it is modularly upgradeable with several further smart functions.

Solar panel in the pavement
The cells are protected with high strength, tempered and anti-slip glass tiles, which in addition to their esthetic design will guarantee a long life-span for the walkway. The generated electrical energy can be fed back to the power network or can be used locally where applicable. In isolated systems a power network-independent operation can even be provided for the devices. The Platio solar-powered system is also upgradeable with LED light sources, with which real-time controlled pavement signs can be created, furthermore, due to the heating wire supplement, ice-formation can be prevented in the winter, making ice and snow treatment unnecessary.

The classic
Platio provides new possibilities even among the traditional pavements. If we would like to create the direct surface from stone, concrete or other usual materials, due to Platio’s Thin Layer Wearing Course (TLWC) a lower price can be achieved and the amount of raw materials taken away from nature can be lowered. Additionally, it is a novelty that the use of such noble stones become possible that would not have been affordable until now. Furthermore, due to the modular structure, if we would like to provide the paved surface with smart functions or power generating units in the future, there is no need to repave it only to change the wearing course. Thanks to the modular structure, the appearance of a given area can be shaped even on a seasonal basis in line with customer requirements.

Electrical charging
For the proper utilization of the increasing number of plug-in-hybrid and electric drivetrain vehicles it is inevitable to increase the number of charging stations. Platio can provide a real solution for charging our environment-friendly cars with actual green electricity. It becomes possible to expand the charging stations next to highways, and to establish charging points in shopping centers and public areas by using the energy generated by the paving

Smart squares
It provides possibilities to provide power for infrastructures or temporary installations in smart public areas and parks, and so we can rely on the possibilities provided by the paving for the simple but conscious sustainability of outdoor interactive public places, playgrounds and of the recently so widespread street- workout locations. As developers of Platio, being committed to environmentally friendly technologies, we have the aim to create a clean and energy-independent future, in which we create a new basis for urban life with taking into consideration the perspectives of information based society. Our mission is, by continuously improving our products and by developing new fields of applications and with a more complex than ever, yet, logical system of services, to ensure sustainable development.

Energy of footsteps
With the help of a system currently under development, Platio will be able to convert the energy created by pedestrian’s steps on the ground to electrical current, which can be used by low power-consuming, yet, important applications. With this feature data collection can also be provided, which can support numerous urban solutions. Platio paving can be the basis of new advertising spaces, can open up new channels of communication and can provide new services for users. There is a possibility for simple but variable image display both in the simple glass- and in the solar- powered system, which can be tailored uniquely to customer needs. It reforms traffic navigation in busy junctions; it provides platform for information hot-spots to send simple messages to smart devices or to provide various smart services. Definitely, the holographic technological innovations will bring us to the future regarding this technology, opening up new dimensions in interpreting our surroundings, making the amount and possible appearance of the available information infinite.

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