[ANN] Peddler crowd-buy the products you really want using crypto


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Apr 10, 2018
Starting today, crowd-buy the products you really want using crypto

Got bitcoins to spend? Starting today, http://www.peddler.com is accepting payment in the most popular forms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 12 other cryptocurrencies.
With products ranging from the hottest new Nikes to Samsung phones or Dyson vacuums, we want to give our crypto community a place to buy real products. But if you're looking for a deal on a sweet ride, you'll also be able to start buying cars!

Within the next month Peddler.com will be the first to offer crowd-buys on cars for crypto throughout the EU

Yep, with the power of crowd buying on our site, you'll now even be able to get significant savings on cars.
With our collective purchasing power, you’ll be able to get offer discounts of 20% to 50% off on products you want. You can even add them your self, simply join the Crypto crowd, and use links to upload popular products online: https://www.peddler.com/crowd/crypto-shoppers/HJeo4R15M

Why Peddler started accepting cryptocurrency:

“We realised we have a lot of customers who hold cryptocurrencies but have no place to spend them. So we expanded our crowd buying for crypto users. The crypto markets can drop if there's a lack of general purpose application. With Peddler.com, we see a real opportunity to provide real application. We plan on making Peddler.com the major platform where cryptocurrencies can purchase nearly any product you want, and at the lowest price."

Peddler.com is creating a global decentralized shopping ecosystem:

“AI enables us to cut out the middle men – big advertisers who are getting our data for nothing – and even start paying users for sharing the things that they want. It's your data and you own it, so you should get paid for it.
Our ambition is to scale and become decentralised in order provide our AI and crowd buying capability to everyone everywhere -- even eventually cutting out Peddler.com itself.”

What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency on Peddler?

“You can use your cryptocurrency for products you want and harness the collective purchasing power of the rest of the crypto community and on Peddler to get the lowest prices. Using crypto will allow you to bypass the transaction fees imposed on credit card transactions, and we’ll lock in the fiat value of the product for a period of 15 min to mitigate the price fluctuations which can occur due to volatile crypto economy” This enables all of our merchant to accept Crypto currencies. We are working hard to increase this time to 30 mins.

Starting today, you can pay for products at the lowest prices with cryptocurrencies on a platform looking to continue to find ways to cut out the middlemen and pass these savings back to where they belong: your pocket.

We welcome the communities feedback, thats how we built Peddler with the help from communities. We are constantly looking to enhance our platform. And openly discuss feature considerations, and like to answer your questions. If you want to know more about crypto payments on Peddler or our roadmap towards decentralising just drop us a message.