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Nov 3, 2017
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What is Pareto?

Pareto is an ico coin built on ethereum blockchain and be the first of its kind where people can share trading information and earn money.The earning depend on how useful is it to the investors or traders.

What is the problem that Pareto Network is solving?

Digital currencies are extremely volatile. The lack of specialized financial information makes it extremely hard for investors to pinpoint the tokens that will outperform the market, especially given that there are more coins being released every day.

The Pareto Network aims to bring forward information about market inefficiencies and promote more accurate price discovery. It therefore advances the level of understanding of cryptocurrency investment analysis and steers the markets towards correcting the prices of these assets..

What is the Pareto Network?

The Pareto Network is the first peer to peer financial content marketplace. It connects providers of financial information in the cryptocurrency space with investors, providing foresight into market inefficiencies and opportunities. Content creators can earn money by sharing financial information that benefits people in the network. When investors compensate content creators, their ranking goes up which gives them faster access to more actionable information in the future.

What is the Pareto token?

The Pareto token, PXT, is an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Its holders can use it to pay content creators on the network, and receive specialized information about investment opportunities before everyone else.

How can content creators benefit from sharing financial information on the Pareto Network?

Content creators who have knowledge but don’t have enough capital to invest in opportunities can still profit from their expertise by sharing information on the Pareto Network. The more profitable their information is for investors, the more votes and Pareto tokens they receive. The tokens can then be sold on secondary markets if they choose to do so.

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