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Aug 26, 2019

All about crypto in one place​

Newscrypto.io is a blockchain-linked ecosystem for all the information regarding cryptocurrency.

We present a platform appropriate for everyone seeking knowledge and trading advantages in the crypto world. With our non-ICO project, which was funded on our behalf we aim to be the number one educational platform available for all type of crypto traders. We provide crucial information and educate our members about the financial world of crypto assets, with our unique tools, detailed analysis, and our school program.

Our platform offers:

Unique Tools- Variety of different platform options that offer our members the edge with professional market insights, time-saving possibilities vast data access, and first-class trading options.

Expert chart design- User-friendly and professional design which is suitable for beginners as it is for advanced traders to understand and manage them to its peaks.

Market Analysis- Only the best fundamental and technical market analysis to stay updated on what is happening in the crypto world.

Newscrypto School- Everything you need to know about crypto trading charts from step one through interesting lessons and reward giving tasks.

Smart Alerts- Convenient messenger notification option for users to get instant news about desired or unexpected changes enabling them to be one step ahead.

Advanced Indicators- Top-notch statistics and integrated information on crypto market research, one click away.



Q2- Concept and Idea Creation All five of our founders have been present in the crypto world for some time. Having extended financial experience in this field, we started developing our idea and the Newscrypto platform was born.

Q4- In-depth Market Research We researched the market to find which features and knowledge, people lack in the world of crypto. We took it upon ourselves as a mission to simplify crypto trading as much as possible and give our users the essential tools to better the odds of their investments.


Q1- Platform Designed We are proud of our IT department which consists of experts that all helped with previous crypto projects in areas of design, programming and security. Therefore we are glad to work side by side to make a platform based on Stellar to compete with the best.

Q2- Crypto community engagement Engaging on social media and crypto related forums to bring our idea closer to the community.

Q3- Whitepaper Release Our written vision and mission to help users be more prosperous and trade better. It is a detailed report of our project to help users understand our platform.

Yet to come


Q4- Exchange listing


- Platform Development Phase 2


Q2- Blockchain incubator First blockchain incubator - an idea is nice, but making it a reality and making it work, demands some hard knowledge, resources and energy invested. There are so many great ideas for the crypto ecosystem, but many people lack necessities: resources, team, money, marketing. We have it. We will offer it to our members, trying to find innovative projects and seek solutions to their success. Partnerships with all major Exchanges, using our platform as all in one gateway.

Newscrypto.io platform offers three user tiers named Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of those offers its tools. With beginner level you have access to news, charts, etc.. Meanwhile with Intermediate offers you more advance indicators such as Arbitrage, Sentiment and more... For more experienced trades we offer Advance user tier. Advanced tier provides you with the best tools there are in the crypto world, such as Whale Alert, Inflow Indicator, Correlation, and Crypto Mining.

Please do not hesitate to check the more detailed announcement on bitcoin talk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5187554.0
For further information about upcoming projects, Bounty Program and all news about Newscrypto platform follow us on our social media.


We are still a beta version and we are open to all suggestions so please do not hesitate to contact us about improvements and ideas. You can contact us on support@newscrypto.io


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Aug 26, 2019
We are happy to announce that we are getting listed on Friday October 4. on the ProBit exchange. Follow us on social media for more information regarding upcoming listings and Newscrypto io related events.


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Jul 18, 2019
Hey there. Is this really a non-ICO project? Do you have internal investors ? And how do you pay for all the listing fees.