[ANN] New derivative: peer-to-peer binary option on Light.cx


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Apr 14, 2020
Announcing the opening of Light.CX (LCX)

LCX has engineered the world’s first peer-to-peer binary options on cryptocurrency. The "Light Option".

You can speculate on short-term price movement in a safe and secure platform. All trades are peer-to-peer with defined risk and clear outcomes on every trade.

The Light Option has a simple yes/no outcome. At the specified time, will the asset price be over the strike price? Traders who think "yes" buy the option from traders who think "no". The correct party receives $100 worth of USDT.

The price of a Light Option is always between $0 and $100, traded through a standard orderbook, with a bid and ask price. This peer-to-peer system means that we never take a position against our traders. You are free to offer or accept any market price you like, and profit if you are correct.

You can never lose more than you have paid-in to a trade, because there is no margin trading. Know your exact risk and potential profit before entering any trade. When you enter a contract, both sides pay-in their contribution. So, there is no counterpary default risk.

The Technology:
We built our orderbook in Erlang, making it concurrent and crash-proof. It handles 100,000 transactions per second with a match time of 10 microseconds. We store all trade records in redundant, immutable systems.

Our trading platform is reactive. It works on all browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Without the need for separate mobile apps, you can trade from anywhere 24/7. The API is open and documented. You are free to create your own trading bots.

The LCX Price Index is reported every 6 seconds. This is an average of transactions from five exchanges. (Binance, Houbi, Gemini, Coinbase, and Kraken.) We archive all data used for index price calculation, and it is publicly available for download.

Your funds are secure:
The LCX platform is built on industry leading hierarchical deterministic cold wallet systems. All digital assets are stored in offline cold wallets. Master hardware keys kept in secure bank vaults. We manually process all withdrawals once per day. Withdrawal requests are subject to review of blockchain deposit records, transaction records, and individual account balances. We agressively safeguard the asset security of the users and the platform.

The Company:
LCX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange established in October 2019. We are registered in the Seychelles, and headquartered in Hong Kong. We are focused on serving everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders.

Currently, we offer trading on a single product: peer-to-peer digital options. We plan to introduce several other ground-breaking derivatives soon.

Main: https://www.light.cx
Trading: https://test.light.cx
Derivative details: https://www.light.cx/en/about_derivatives/