[ANN] New blockchain to revolutionize HR industry

Introducing Caerus Connections, a blockchain-based recruiting platform connecting companies and candidates worldwide through a token-based subscription. Become an early adopter through our pre-sale prior to our Token Generation Event (TGE) on April 1st. Visit https://www.caerusconnections.io/ to learn more, and enter your email for updates about how you can get involved in this HR industry revolution.
Caerus Connections (https://www.caerusconnections.io) is a blockchain-based recruiting platform facilitating better employment matches worldwide by providing a service that creates a completely confidential process built on verifiable employment history resulting in saving time, money, and effort for both companies and candidates. Caerus is one of the first blockchain-based platform designed to disrupt the HR industry.

The developing Caerus Connections recruiting platform will use Caerus Token as its ‘fuel’ and primary method of payment giving organizations the ability to search for qualified candidates and candidates the ability to showcase a complete and honest representation of their qualifications. This hiring ecosystem utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a streamlined, safe and transparent environment.

Initially sold at an equivalent of .0024 ETH per Caerus Token at the TGE (Token Generation Event), job seekers can use the platinum services of the recruiting platform for a subscription rate of 1 Caerus Token per month and corporate users at a rate of 3 Caerus Tokens per month.

17 million tokens will be offered to the public in a TGE format. Early adopters can efficiently purchase using the smart contract with ETH or purchase BTC/LTC/USD for an additional transaction fee.

13 million Caerus Tokens will be launched at a discounted rate in the pre-TGE that ends on March 31, 2018. Purchasers can receive their tokens within 24 hours of purchase.

An additional 4 million Caerus Tokens will become available on April 1, 2018 in the official TGE until April 15, 2018 or until all available tokens are sold.

The TGE will be considered a success when a minimum of 5,000 ETH is raised. Caerus is currently developing the Caerus Connections platform with a minimal viable product launch set for April 15, 2018.

Following the TGE, 30 million retail Caerus Tokens will be available for purchase via the website.

  • Caerus Tokens is a utility token.
  • Our development team includes individuals with extensive backgrounds in Human Resources, Recruitment, web development, blockchain technology and business management.
  • The platform will disrupt the HR industry by streamlining the recruitment and hiring process with blockchain technology.
  • Initial token price of .0024 ETHper Caerus Token.
To read the full Caerus Connections whitepaper, visit: https://www.caerusconnections.io/#!/solution and click on “Read PDF”

To get involved in the Pre-Sale Event, visit: https://www.caerusconnections.io/

To become an early adopter and get involved in the Token Generation Event, visit: https://www.caerusconnections.io/caerus-tge/

Inquiries and questions? Contact: info@caerusconnections.com

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Get involved and ask questions via the Caerus Telegram Group: https://t.me/caerusgroup

Read the press release: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/03/14/1422590/0/en/Caerus-Connections-Announces-Token-Generation-Event.html