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Jan 29, 2018
NeuroSeed is a platform that combines Big Data suppliers, ML algorithms developers, computing power suppliers, data storage suppliers, validators with domain expertise, distributors and customers. As a result of a synergy there is a creation of the unified ecosystem that provides incentive mechanisms for all participants in the machine learning market.

Mission statement: why we created NeuroSeed
Our vision is to allow anyone to participate in the global machine learning markets provided by NeuroSeed. We provide the empowerment, access and tradability so anyone can take part by creating a viable hub for Big Data suppliers, data storage suppliers, computing power suppliers, machine learning models developers, distributors, validators and customers.

We introduce a new alternative for machine learning market participants interaction by making an extremely simple tool for machine learning models design, training and use.



1 TOKEN (NSD) = $ 0.04


Token NSD is used for all kinds of intra platform interaction between participants, it is a Utility Token. Therefore, the token will be in demand and its value will grow along with the platform activity increase, i.e. the number of trained machine learning models, the number of clients and API calls.

The initial value of the token is $0.04 US. An investor can purchase tokens on our website.
Return of investment is possible immediately after the start of trading on the crypto exchanges. But it is worth noting the forecasts of the exponential growth of the machine learning market in the next 2-3 years. Consequently, increase in the activity and demand for machine learning models created on the platform is expected. This entails an undeniable increase in the price of the token.

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