[ANN] Myart: The global blockchain bases platform for culture and art industry.

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Aug 19, 2018
Myart: The global blockchain bases platform for culture and art industry.

ABOUT Myart blockchain project

Myart is the global blockchain bases platform for culture and art industry and is a new distributed art circulation ecology.Revolutionizing culture and art industry with a sharing economy powered by blockchain technology,we offer one stop service fully integrated upstream and downstream industry culture art circulation system through track System ,appraise System ,bid System ,warehouse System,lending System,security System which can do make more realist and more effect for culture and art industry.Myart is based on blockchain technology to achieve rapid and effective circulation of cultural artwork.From the nature of the relationship between productivity and production, Myart promotes the harmonious development and sustainable prosperity of the culture and art industry.

Key Problems

Ability to cash out quickly for various types and levels of cultural artworks;Promote development of the artist team healthly,principle of Open and transparent transactions,Resolving trust crisis,Feel comfortable buying products,Solve the problem of payment and geography,Cut middleman and Reduce intermediary expenses.

Comparing with traditional in auction industry,our advantage

1ST generally speaking, as the platform is a P2P trading system, there is no intermediary fee and the transaction service fee is far lower than the current level of the auction industry;

2nd Fair and transparent, the transaction is true and reliable, there is no any greasy speace for middleman, users are relieved to buy and sell;

3th The original channels are not enoughand cannot meet the needs of buyers and sellers;

4th The platform has created a perfect service system which is more convenient, fast and guaranteed;

5th Global platform, the constant expansion of the community can ensure the continuous development of the market,enough users,enlarge the market.

Key competitiveness

world'class blockchain and artificia lintelligence (AI) top talent, as well as technology application patents.

The unique ecosystem design of the project provides a huge space for the industrial development after the project launch.

Take the lead in the application of block chain technology, which can lead cutting-edge in the industry.With a wide range of art resources (artists, art institutions and artworks) around the world,political and commerical resources(government, groups, business partners)support, the project can be guaranteed launch.


Otc 2017 Myart Fundamental Principles and Project Launch;

May 2018 Private Sale Launch;

Aug 2018 Token exchange listing ;

End of 2018,Token list top 3-5 exchanges ;

March 2019 Alpa Release ;

Aug 2019 beta Release.


R&D team:

Two doctorates who computer artificial intelligence, distributed resource management system and blockchain system Five Computer engineer who Internet technology development Marketing & Managment more than 20 persons

investment organization

Jiaozi investment management co. LTD,Winshare Publishing & Media Co., Ltd

Smart Contracts Audit And Security

On July 26 2018,Myart get MYT VASS(Verification as a Service)by Slowmist.IO.Myart smart contract address 0xC711348Eb06F6918F8eAE66cE3fcF4747345D78E get approve,rigorous function, no significant risk.

Contact Us

Official email of Myart:info@myart.world

Official WeChat ID of Myart:Myart_2018

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