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Jul 15, 2018

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Museums Chain┊Decentralized Museum Ecosystem

About Museums Chain:
Museums Chain is a blockchain-based virtual museum platform for everyone to see museums around the world and to discover the world’s heritage. Teachers, students of all ages, families, young people, employees of the museum and others learn more quickly and retain more information by living an experience rather than just reading about Museums.The interest in the development of virtual museums is nowadays rising rapidly. During the last decades there have been numerous efforts concerning the 3D digitization of cultural heritage and the development of virtual museums, digital libraries.The 3D virtual spaces and modern technology are more and more used especially in the development of applications in e-learning and edutainment by cultural organisations and museums. The abilities, the restrictions and the limits of technology in this area have not yet been explored and defined, as the advantages that virtual reality offers constantly increase. The virtual museum is a sub-category of 3D virtual spaces and it is usually a replica of a real museum.We aim to preserve and immortalize the history and culture of a place or event. We hope that our project will trigger historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interests among the visitors.
AirDrop Announcement

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We are excited to launch our MSM Token Airdrop.All participants will each receive 140 MSM Tokens in an Airdrop campaign.You need to follow a few easy steps which includes joining our Telegram and Twitter.The Airdrop is limited to 5,000 participants and will close once the cap is reached.You will only be eligible for 1 airdrop.Anyone found applying more than once will not receive any further Museums Chain tokens.Telegram account must be active until the end of Token sale. Token distribution is after Token sale.Thank you for your patience!
This is how it works:
1)Fill out the Airdrop Form below.
2)Join our Telegram Community (https://t.me/museumschain )
3)Join our Telegram Announcement Channel (https://t.me/museumschainannouncement )
4)Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/museumschain)
5)Retweet our pinned post
Note: Only one account per user! Any duplicate or suspicious entry will be considered as cheat and disqualified.Multiple accounts are not allowed and will be banned.
Why Choose Museums Chain ?
See the Museums around the World. While it’s hard to beat the experience of seeing a seminal piece of fine art or important historical artifact with your own two eyes, one could easily spend a lifetime traveling the world in search of all of them. Fortunately, Museums Chain will make it possible-easy, even-to visit most of the world’s most famous museums from the comfort of your own home.
Museums Chain Marketplace.Find the perfect souvenirs from your trip to the Museums Chain. Also, Museums Chain is the perfect place for buying and selling 3D artifacts, 3D historical objects. Shopping for historical, cultural products and services. This new alternative marketplace allows people to both earn and spend money in a museums.
Monthly Income for Museums Chain Token Holders. We will distribute 40% of profits to our Token Holders. The dividends will be issued in Museums Chain token (MSM).
Team Tokens (MSM) will be Locked for 24 Months. We are setting long term goals. Museums Chain team tokens (MSM) will be locked for 24 months (only team members) — No Market Manipulation.
Museums are good for business. The museum as an institution tells the story of man the world over and how humanity has survived in its environment over the years. It houses things created by nature and by man and in our modern society it houses the cultural soul of the nation. (It holds the cultural wealth of the nation in trust for all generations and by its function and unique position, it has become the cultural conscience of the nation.)A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance.For example , The Louvre recorded a sharp increase in visitor attendance from January to December 2017, with 8.1 million visitors. The Louvre houses masterpiece artworks like Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, the ‘Venus de Milo’ sculpture of Aphrodite, and what is considered to be the finest diamond in the world, the ‘Regent’. The National Museum of China in Beijing comes in at number two, with 7.6 million visitors in 2014. However, around the world, museum visitation is relatively steady. The world’s top 20 museums recorded more than 108 million visitors last year.
Our Token
Museums Chain will be issuing an ERC20 token called a Museums Chain Token (MSM). MSM tokens are based on the Ethereum platform and are ERC20 compliant.70,000,000 total tokens will be generated. No additional tokens will be created. Unsold tokens will be burned. MSM Tokens will be fully transferable, exchangeable and will be listed on exchanges.
⤠Token Symbol: MSM
⤠Token Standard: ERC20
⤠Decimals: 5
⤠Total Token Supply: 70,000,000