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Jun 24, 2018
What is Mozo?

Mozo is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes a digital platform for physical retail malls to thrive side by side with online commerce. Mozo is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase foot traffic at offline stores. By issuing Mozo Token rewards, customers are driven directly to venue operators and store owners, being encouraged to discover new locations, browse products, and make purchases. We are bringing foot traffic back into the physical stores.

Mozo is a leader in Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology, having successful results with China’s leading Mall operator, Wanda Group, and 361°, one of China’s leading athletic apparel retailer. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders Wanda China, Suntec Singapore, and DCG Korea, puts Mozo on the forefront of the retail industry in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Korea. With already 38,000 venues committed to implementing Mozo, we project up to 300,000 venues will implement Mozo over the next three years. Our intention is to be the Number 1 blockchain token for the global retail market.

Use Case

Imagine you own and operate a large mall. Lately, you’ve been wondering how you can increase your foot traffic? You want to drive more customers to your less populated top floors. Also, you’re about to open a new wing to your mall. You want to ensure customers not only know about it, but visit there once it opens.

Start Controlling Foot Traffic

Now whenever customers come to your mall with the Mozo app downloaded on their phones, you can drive them to where you want them to go. You and the store owners in the mall can choose how and when to run Mozo Token promotions. Remember that new wing you wanted people to visit? You can direct traffic there by rewarding Mozo Tokens when customers go there and check-in. How can you bring more traffic to your empty top floors? Choose to reward more Mozo Tokens at the stores located there. Now, customers will be incentivized to browse and purchase products so that they will receive a greater number of Mozo Tokens.

The Mozo Ecosystem

Being backed by the Ethereum blockchain network means Mozo Tokens hold value beyond its utility as a rewards program. Customers, store owners, and venue operators will all hold the right to send Mozo Tokens as a gift, share them with friends, or trade them through designated Coin Exchanges. All of this helps to create a sustainable and productive ecosystem, providing your venue with increased foot traffic.

Pilot Test at 361

In June of 2016, Mozo partnered with one of China’s leading retailers, 361°, to pilot Mozo’s Merchant and Shopper Apps and our proprietary smart sensors. This was a great opportunity to put our now tested IPS technology into the field, allowing focus to shift to user experience and acceptance. Our sensors were redesigned to adapt to the Chinese retail market, and ensure that they were aligned with 361°s brand. After just the first month of testing, the positive response by customers was apparent. During the entire trial period, these pilot stores saw a 20% increase in store revenue.

The Best IPS Technology

In March 2015, our IPS technology went through a User Acceptance Test encompassing the placement of 300 of our sensors throughout Wanda’s mall located in Nanchang, China, spanning multiple floors and over 50 shops. 113 test points, chosen at random by Wanda engineers, all achieved results of 100% accuracy, meaning zero of our sensors failed the accuracy and response times mandated by Wanda. Mozo was the only one with a perfect score. Prompting Wanda's engineers to proclaim Mozo the clear winner, and validating our IPS technology as the best they've ever tested. With a world standard accuracy of 1 square meter within a response time of 1 second, our proprietary technology provides an IPS solution that can accurately relay the position of a large number of visitors within a mall or a store in essentially real time.

Mozo’s Bright Future

Mozo is the future of the retail industry. With proven, state-of-the-art technology it shouldn’t come as a surprise we already have 38,000 venues committed to implementing Mozo. We are projecting this number to grow to 300,000 over the next three years. Large malls are just one of the many venues that can benefit from Mozo. Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, events halls, resorts, and tourism boards are some of the other obvious applications that can benefit from using Mozo tokens. Anyone who would like to control and increase foot traffic can benefit from Mozo.

This is our vision for Mozo. We have the expertise and resources to be a pioneer in an industry previously untapped by blockchain technologies. This is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes the digital platform for retail venues to thrive side by side with online commerce. Making Mozo truly, The Token of Discovery.

Token Sale

**US$26 million has already been sold within the past 2 weeks. It is likely that the US$9 million left from the private sale will be sold in the coming weeks. Due to the success of our private sale, only US$7 million is left for our crowdsale from our US$42 million hardcap.

Get ready - Mozo Tokens are coming soon!

Payment Method: Both BTC and ETH are acceptedToken Sale Start Date:
July 11, 2018 - July 18, 2018


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