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Sep 19, 2017

The first AI chatbot token ever

A working platform MiniApps.pro with 10 million mobile users launches its token


Website · Telegram · Medium · Twitter · Facebook

Token name and ticker symbol: MiniApps Token (MAT)
Token sale starts October 18, 2017 00:00 GMT

MiniApps.pro is on track to open its Ethereum-based token crowdsale

MiniApps.pro is the new generation chatbot platform built around the concept of decentralized network of template developers, clients, hosting providers and partners. It is a platform with API and web-constructor that enables quick creation and launch of mobile services and chatbots available via the Internet messengers and other channels like mobile web and USSD/SMS with support of AI technologies.

Chatbots have already established themselves as efficient channel in many communication systems and proved their value for business. However, chatbot development requires multiple skills and resources most small enterprises do not have. MiniApps.pro goal is to aid small and medium businesses to integrate advanced Communication and AI technologies into their processes and benefit by expanding their market presence. Thank to MiniApps.pro, that reduces the costs of chatbot adoption and support, more than 100 million MSME around the world will get easy access to new generation of chatbots and improve the quality of their customer service.

Unlike most startups, MiniApps.pro platform is a commercially proven product with several successful implementations in corporate market.

The token crowdsale is planned to gather funding for fast business scaling by building worldwide partners’ network, further product development and marketing of the platform focusing on MSME segments and emerging markets like India, South-East Asia, China, Russia, Africa, Latin America followed by expansion to advanced markets.

MiniApps.pro tokens are ERC20 compatible Ethereum based smart-contracts. Tokens supply will be limited to 20 mln.

Official Links

Token Launch Website: https://tokens.miniapps.pro/
MiniApps.pro Website: https://www.miniapps.pro/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/miniapps_pro
Medium: https://medium.com/miniapps-pro-token
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokens.miniapps.pro/
Telegram channel: https://t.me/miniapps
English Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/BNUtUERmMT-BlbTe7aKagw

Media mentions/News

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Sep 19, 2017

Token symbol

What is it?
1. Ethereum ERC20 compatible token
2. A means of access to the additional smart-contract functionality, such as:
• register mini-apps in MiniApps search engine;
• obtain partner discounts;
• publish templates in a marketplace;
• create and run referral campaigns;
• access to the templates marketplace;
• access to MiniApps Core services

Token price during Token Generation Event
1 MAT = 0.01 ETH

Issuing volume and conditions
1. During the Token Generation Event, no more than 20 million tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform as standard ERC20 tokens.
2. No more tokens will be issued after the Token Generation Event.

Token availability
MiniApps.pro tokens (MAT):
• become available immediately during the Token Generation Event via Ethereum smart-contract;
• purchase and transfer become gradually available over a 15-day period after the end of the Token Generation Event by means of smart contracts

Token distribution
50% of tokens will be distributed to the participants of Token Generation Event
35% of tokens will be reserved for partners, community grants, and the bounty campaign
15% of tokens will be reserved for the MiniApps team

Funds raised during the Token Generation Event will be kept in the multisig wallets, according to industry standards.



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Sep 19, 2017
We have updated the Miniapps.pro core. The new release introduces replies to user's post (Telegram); forward of selected messages from a user to another chat or channel. A new powerful feature is bulk messaging: assign a phone number to a bot via its Settings and send messages on behalf of this number. This is being done via /notifyall command followed by a text. Bulk messages are sent this way through all channels to all users who communicated with the chatbot at least once after the current release. The stats of bilk messages are provided grouped by channels: Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Viber, USSD.


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Sep 19, 2017
Why Value of MiniApps Token Will Only Grow

We have noticed that [anchor=Ofcourse]businesses today[/anchor] follow a tendency to add tokens to their projects. Usually it is done artificially, so the value of these tokens is minimal.
Many people don’t quite understand the idea of token and blockchain. They think that if they take any business — e.g. operation of a hotel — and add remittance in tokens and cryptocurrency, they add a new value. But in fact, that project can easily dispense with tokens and still run smoothly. The token here is in fact a security, whose value depends on speculation, that is prone to negative impact of financial markets, and very loosely connected to the real business.
MiniApps.pro token is free from this weakness.

When we created MiniApps Space and MAT we formulated the following goals:
1. MiniApps Space and MAT are based on a real business (see www.miniapps.pro and www.eyeline.mobi) and a running chatbot aggregation platform;
2. MiniApps Token must become one of the best projects as regards tokenization and deep integration into MiniApps Space;
3. The value of MAT must significantly raise compared to the initial price.

It is important to understand that we have not just made another token. We have tokenized our running business by combining our long experience in telecom, messaging and chatbots, with the experience of the most successful crypto projects.
Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. MiniApps Space and MAT token exactly matches this definition.

Each MAT token grants the following rights to its holder:
1. Right to become a partner. The Partner status allows:
a. registering 10 (ten) mini-apps in MiniApps search system and their integration into MiniApps Space portals;
b. registering 2 (two) templates in MiniApps template shop;
c. participating in referral program and earning revenue from attracted clients.
2. Right for partner discounts
3. Right for extra commission from template sales
4. Right to run a referral program

The value of MiniApps Token consists in the rights that the token holder can exercise in MiniApps Space. E.g., points 2 and 3 (the right for partner discounts and the right for extra commission from template sales) collectively bring $500 yearly profit to 1 MAT. See our WP at http://tokens.miniapps.pro for calculation examples. The profit from points 1 and 4 is more difficult to calculate, but it can significantly exceed $500 a year.
Note that the initial price of MiniApps Token is only 0.01 Eth, that is approximately $3 per 1 MAT.

Taking all that into account, we can see that the value of MiniApps Token in MiniApps Space is much higher that the initial price. With MiniApps Space expanding and improving the value of MAT will grow further, because there will be more and more of those wishing to contribute to the community and use the rights granted by MAT.


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Sep 19, 2017
F.A.Q : BONUSES, MAT token, KRK coin

Q: What bonuses are offered?

You can get as much as 81% of total bonus buying Miniapps.pro tokens (MAT).

First, you get 8% bonus straight away. This bonus is credited to your account as soon as you send Ethers to the smart contract address.

Second, you can get 50% to 75% bonus by exchanging MAT to KRK coin during the Phase 2.

Note that KRK is a coin of another Ethereum based blockchain that you can mine. In the process of Miniapps.pro project further development KRK will form a blockchain for community tokenization featuring a simple and convenient chatbot interface and semantic smart contracts easily understandable by common people.

If you purchase MAT tokens before December 1, 2017, you can exchange them to KRK with 75% bonus. Bonus of 50% will be applicable from 1 to 19 of December.

Q: How can I exchange MAT tokens to KRK coin?

You should register with https://tokens.miniapps.pro indicating your email and Ethereum wallet number where your MAT tokens are stored.

Important! To be able to get Phase 1 bonuses, you should necessarily indicate the exact address from which you purchased MAT.

On the start of the conversion procedure (the exact start time to become known before Phase 2) you will get a notification containing the address of the smart contract that you should transfer your MAT tokens to. After the transfer you will get an appropriate sum in KRK coins. They will be put into the same wallet the MAT tokens were transferred from.

Q: How can I be sure I will get the bonuses upon the exchange?

When we receive your MAT for exchange, we verify your wallet address and get to know the date you purchased your tokens. If the date of the purchase (the earliest purchase is taken into account) is earlier than 1st of December, you get 75% bonus; if it is between 1st and 19th of December, your bonus is 50%.

It means that the bonus is attached to your wallet.

Q: What if later I add some tokens to the wallet with 75% bonus assigned?

Assume, you made the first purchase before 1st of December and entitled to claim 75% bonus upon the exchange.

If later you purchase the tokens and add them to the same wallet, you still can exchange them with 75% bonus.

Even after the end of Phase 1 you still can purchase the tokens (e.g. through EtherDelta exchange) and add them to your wallet to get 75% bonus.

In other words, the bonus is firmly attached to your wallet and does not change, no matter how many MAT are in it.

Q: What is the rate of exchange of MAT token to KRK coin?

1 MAT = 0.01 ETH during Phase 1. It means that in Phase 2 you can use 1 MAT as equivalent of 0.01 ETH and get the relative sum in KRK.

In Phase 2 KRK rate is estimated as 0.0001 ETH. It means that you can exchange 1 MAT to 100–175 KRK depending on bonuses.

Important! To get bonuses you should register at https://tokens.miniapps.pro and join our group in Telegram https://t.me/miniapps_pro


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Sep 19, 2017
Last week of 54% bonus for MiniApps.pro crowdsale!

You can still purchase MAT tokens to exchange them for KRK coin with 50% bonus. We are developing Next Generation Blockchain to make tokenization and smart contracts simple.

Why do we need new KRK coin?

It will help make tokenization simple for everybody. Which means new marketing tools for business and any community. You can build your own tokens in minutes with templates and visual editor.

Why KRK is better than MAT?

KRK provides same functionality as MAT, plus it is a mineable coin which gives easy way to create new tokens.

Does MAT have any value other than its exchange for KRK?

MAT is partners tokens for miniapps network and will have this status in 2018. Both MAT and KRK will be available on crypto exchanges. Join blockchain revolution with big bonuses only before Dec 19th.