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Jun 25, 2018
South Korea
We are delighted to introduce ourselves as The Most Innovative Blockchain based medical services ecosystem platform.

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What are Medipedia
Medipedia.io is a cryptocurrency project that makes use of blockchain technology to develop a digital healthcare delivery system that connects medical institutions and medical tourism patients. The concept was created to resolve the problem of unavailability of a transparent healthcare delivery system through which tourist patients and other users can obtain the right medical information and services on time in a foreign country.

Medipedia.io has been designed to prioritize the needs of individual patients and to build a transparent healthcare ecosystem where patients, healthcare providers and other users can benefit altogether.

Medipedia ICO
Medipedia.io platform will be accompanied by a dedicated crypto token, called MEP token, to provide users with an alternative payment method. The ICO sale of MEP tokens will be held in October 2018. Those who are interested in the project can participate in the ICO event and purchase the tokens to support the cause. Medipedia Tokens are transferable to other users and tradable at leading crypto exchanges.

Medipedia platform will provide a range of services, including medical providers’ license verification, HIPAA compliance, insurance, medical service alliance contract, tourist agency verification, P2P credential verification, personal and medical information verification and interpretation verification services.

Why Invest
As you may have already understood by the initial introduction, Medipedia aims to develop a healthcare system as transparent as possible for the benefit of both healthcare service providers and patients. Here are some reasons why Medipedia ICO should be at the top of your investment list this year.

Price Transparency
The online healthcare management system will help patients find the best and most affordable medical services in their area. Avoid paying brokerage fees, find the correct information and reduce costs by choosing the right doctor.

Highly Reliable
Medipedia online system maintains correct records of all medical institutions, hospitals and other healthcare providers in an area. You can trust the information provided by the portal which leads to a high satisfaction rate.

Easy to Access
One of the best things about Medipedia platform is that it makes use of the blockchain technology which makes it easily accessible all around the world.

Service on the go
Even when you are traveling, you can search and find the best doctors and healthcare in any area or city or country and get the best medical care on the go.

Medical tourism
Medipedia has been designed to improve the way medical services are provided to tourists in Korea. Thousands of tourists travel the country every year in search of the best healthcare, however, the lack of a proper information and help system cause difficulties for these tourists. Medipedia aims to develop a globally accessible digital healthcare system through which even tourists can find the required medical information to get the best healthcare possible.
Medipedia Tokens (MEP) Value for Token Owners
Medipedia project is beneficial for medical institutions and patients alike. While patients will get a reliable online healthcare service portal, medical institutions benefit in terms of increased profit and technology developments.

Reward points: In addition to using their MEP tokens to pay for medical counseling, care, treatment and services, tokenholders will also benefit through a separate reward points system. For every transaction you make through your Medipedia wallet, you will receive reward points which can be redeemed into MEP tokens.

The MPR (reward) points once received will be valid for a period of 24 months from the date of acquisition

Other token benefits include ease of payment, reduced cost, reliable information, high-quality medical services and less waiting time for patients, and reduced marketing costs and increased reach and profitability for medical service providers.

The Medipedia referral program gives patients an opportunity to get compensation by referring other patients to the platform. Reward tokens are also paid to medical institutions, doctors and staff based on the patient’s review. These reward points provide a base to compare and choose the best medical service, hospital and staff. The higher the reward points, the better is the service.

Medipedia ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale is scheduled to go live in October 2018. Visit the website and read the Medipedia white paper to know everything about the project. Don’t think and Start investing!