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Dec 15, 2017

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About LXC
LXC is the next generation of lending crypto, which is based on Ethereum blockchain framework. It is an ERC20-compliant and cooperative with existing ERC20 wallets. Essentially LXC will be easily transacted worldwide. Our mission is to revolutionize the world's financial system with the P2P transaction based on an open source platform.

LXC Roadmap
Visit : http://Http://luxurycoin.network

LuxuryCoin Distribution

• Token Name: LuxuryCoinToken
• Abbreviation: LXC
• Available Token Supply: 26,000,000LXC
• Available Token for ICO: 3,380,000LXC (13 % of Total Supply)

The Base Stone of Luxury Coin.

We are doing our best to negotiate with Lazada and 7-eleven, so that our coin will be used in their ecosystem in purchasing goods and paying fares, as well as supporting startups and other services.There will be a huge and STABLE demand for buying and spending our currency, investing in Luxury Coin will be a wise option that is the safest way you bring you to real Luxury.

Cryptocurrency is something that is usually unpredictable if we do not possess enough knowledge and experience about this. We have to admit it that we are in a magic of ICOs where people have created so many FOMOs and also unreasonably tried to sell as many tokens as possible, it’s risky and unsecured. Even some just posted on Bitcointalk a few days before the ICOs, but a good lending platform will not just do that for short-term vision. We will first establish a healthy community worldwide in USA, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Russia etc. Other region's markets will be built where potentials are detected. Luxury Coin founders have also discussed the core plan to give each pioneer investor a credit card for free in Q2/2018 before installing LuxuryCoin ATMs in almost countries listed all above, so that, you all can easily travel and withdraw money with your credit card.

Token Distribution during ICO:

• Pre-Sale: 580,000LXC (30% in bonuses) 0.75$/token - 145.000 Tokens/day
• ICO Round 1: 1,000,000LXC (10% in bonuses) 1$/token - 100.000 Tokens/day
• ICO Round 2: 1,800,000LXC (0% in bonuses) 1.1$/token - 180.000 Tokens/day


The key to success for a lending project is how founding team control the supply and market, we are striving to ensure that there will be no whales and manipulation in our community, to keep it fair. We have decided to be holding a major portion of the supply, estimated nearly 88 % of the total. The more we sell, the more risk will come. However, there are some portions of which will be spent on advertising and maintenance & development, but all are handled by founding team.

2% of total LXC tokens have been offered to maintenance & development, this amount of advertising is 3% and 1% for our community builders.This enabled the LXC project to kick-off and provides funding for advertisement and campaign. LXC Team has decided to spend around 1% of our total token to build a good community worldwide and set local leaders in case we have an event. After our ICO, there will be a plenty of events taking place in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Korea. Russia and maybe Indonesia… etc


We are not chasing the FOMO to give you such a high and fixed interest like 45-48%/month and our project is definitely not for a gamble. Moreover, we are not also generously selling LXC tokens in the ICO period, but we control it financially. We are targeting long-term vision for our project after ICO, we have some concrete reasons to show you why we are worth to be invested.

  • Daily interest is flexible based on the fluctuation of the market, we decide the number every single day. However, we have guaranteed that on average, the minimum monthly interest will be over 25% to 48% depending on the situation.
  • Landing on an exchange is very important for our investors in term of transparency and fair, we have contacted Exchanges before posting our thread on Bitcointalk. We will together run internal exchange and get it listed on other exchanges as soon as possible to keep it fair and safe for our investors.
  • We are not taking a risk to pay you at 48% to chase this FOMO. However,25% to 48% is guaranteed.
  • We limit the amount for each ID to buy tokens to ensure that there will be no whales dump and play the market.
  • We have prepared all the backups to keep the market stable and secure.
  • Binary Referral Program is a great chance for those who have zero to low capital. It's simple, create a group and build your own regime.
  • We have decided to dedicate 1% on bounty campaign where you can easily promote your local community as well as to be a leader in your region.
  • Local leaders are needed, we will pay a good salary for those who want to be a local leader in your country who will be in charge of holding events in your country, sign up here. We will contact with you to get done. Salary is not all, more will come. Just work hard on your own.
  • Credit card and a LXC T-Shirt will be delivered free to our loyal investors in Q2/2018 and then we will install LXC ATMs in Q3/2018 in countries in which have good community.
  • After installing ATMs, we will have good updates of using LXC as a payment gateway in daily life with so many types of services.


As we have already mentioned, we strive to make sure that there will be no whales, pumpers or manipulations in LXC community and market. Most of the tokens will be controlled from my side and referred to our lending policy, we will retrieve LXC coins from exchanges and decrease the number of coins flooding market.

It is clear that from a small market cap, we will definitely have so much room to grow. So just be wise investors and holders. So this prediction is mathematically based on LXC market cap as a reference.


Lending LXC is simple and it is about to invest in your own Luxury Coin to get the return on a daily basis from the LXC lending system. The interest flexibly changes every day based on volatility software interest.

Luxury Coin offers our investors investment options for you to get the full profit as per your investment ability.
In case you would like to invest more than $1,010, to over 100,000. We will surely give you additional benefit and shorten the capital back period. Investors often together invest in a big package like 10,010 to over 100,000 and surely it is a smart strategy to minimize risk as well as to have time to re-invest after the capital back period ends.

As you can see from the diagram above, bigger packages have a shorter capital-back period as well as have a higher accrued daily.
Luxury Coin Token can be traded for up to nearly 25% to 48% ROI per month, here is the lending interest packages.

Join the Bounty Campaign here : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2383278.0
More information can be found at https://LuxuryCoin.Network/
LuxuryCoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luxurycoinmlm
LuxuryCoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinLuxury
LuxuryCoin Telegram : https://t.me/luxurycoin