[ANN] Keys - cryptosquarefeets - crypto backed by real estate


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Dec 14, 2017
We would like to share an idea of bridging real world to crypto world.
What is cryptosquarefeet? How crypto can be backed up by real estate actual investments?
We give answers to this questions, creating the community of smart investors.
We don't sell anything. Together with you we invest into liquid real estate square feet (square meters) and get outstanding ROI.
Our investment is backed by real estate, it is growing in value and can be always convertered back to crypto or fiat currency.

Each investor has its own cabinet in KEYS platform to monitor operations.
Funds raised through crowdsale are convertered to fiat currency.
We buy property that becomes an asset that backs our tokens.
We get rental payments, pay operation and service fee, get net ROI (return on investment = profit).
We convert profits from fiat currency into cryptocurrency and pay dividends to our Token holders on a monthly basis.

To enter the real estate market and become a rentier you need a solid amount of money. Otherwise you can share investment with community and become a cryptorentier.
We don't collect money to build some platform, website or new super-dooper wallet system as other founders do promise. We will instantly put money into action through acquisition of property.
So investors from the very pre-ICO begining will start earning dividends as we value our investors, their time, their resources and money and time value of the money also matters.
We are transparent and open to your questions. Our team comprises of real people, real professionals: licensed real estate broker, ACCA member, financial expert and marketing advisor.
Among others we are the first who will actually back up each token by something real. And we have a strong ambition to remain leaders in this way of cryptoinvestments.

As an example - average price for a nice 1BR apartment in Dubai in prime location with sea-view, access to all amenties and close to main attractions varies from $325 K to $400 K USD.
Daily rate to stay in such apartment will be at least $200, in high season $300. Expected monthly income during high season (5 months) is $9 K and $6 K during normal season.
Correction factor for incomplete load (very unlikely though even during hot summer) 0.75. Therefore annual income: (5*9000+7*6000)*0.75 = $65 K USD.
From this deduct license fees, service fee, utility bills, laundry and cleaning - around $12 K USD annually. 2% of real estate price is common practice for operational costs - another $8 K USD.
As the result our investor gets $45 K USD on a maximum investment of $400 K which is 11% net ROI. Unreachable level for a commercial bank on USD deposits.

Go to https://www.keystoken.com/ and read more about the KEYS.
Stay tuned as pre-ICO will oficially start up on 15.12.2017 and will last for one month till 15.01.2018
We are so exicited to share the idea with you as soon as possible that decided to make announcement a week earlier.
Those of you who wants to encourage us right away can already make contributions to the crowdsale contract (address is mentioned on the website).
We will encourage you in return - and give our first investors a 10% bonus - for those who make transactions before 15.12.2017.
While we are still preparing for the official start up, we are now in the process of review and finalizing the Whitepaper, FAQ section and marketing materials.
You are welcome to ask question right here in the announcement thread, we are also open for the proposals on collaboration.