[ANN] Kenobi - Private, Instant & Secure. New Algorithm


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Nov 8, 2017
Welcome to Kenobi
(Private, Secure, Instant Transactions)

Website: http://www.kenobi.me/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kenobicoin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kenobicoin
White Paper: http://www.kenobi.me/white-paper.pdf
Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP9bGj7h7NM

Kenobi is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency with a unique algorithm that is not based on Bitcoin's code.

Kenobi aims to be a provide all the positives from traditional cryptocurrencies and traditional banking and remove the negetives from both.

Private payments
Instant payments
Untraceable payments
Unlinkable transactions
Banking platform
Debit Cards
No mining

Unique algorithm
Max supply: Infinite
No mining

To be announced!


Pre-Sale (November 2017)
IPO (January 2018)
Official Launch (February 2018)
All Features Released to the public (February 2018)


Kenobi Corp are a team of young professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts
from around the world. Kenobi is the brain child of Ben Hall, who compiled a
team of like-minded professionals to create a new block-chain tech to change
the way we look at cryptocurrency.

Kenobi is different from any cryptocurrency released to date. We have set out
to create a cryptocurrency based on its own unique code and private blockchain

Kenobi is a completely unique cryptocurrency with its own private block-chain
and instant transactions!

Kenobi requires no mining and no confirmations so all transfers are instant.
Kenobi combines the best things from cryptocurrencies and banks. You will
have all the benefits from both without the negatives. Kenobi offers free and
instant transactions from anywhere in the world with no fees.

You can login to your secure Kenobi wallet and open as many accounts as you
like. Each account will have a wallet ID that you can easily and instantly
transfer in and out of. Transaction accounts will be every day accounts and
saving accounts will earn interest like a bank savings account would.
You can also choose to be issued with a Kenobi debit card to make your life
just that little bit easier!

Users can have the option to send block-chain confirmation to another as a
proof of payment which will only be visible to those it is shared with. This will
appear as a normal block-chain transaction to both parties.

We also have a click button currency creation platform where you can simply
create your own cryptocurrency with a few clicks.
You will be able to create unlimited, free and instant crypto-currencies using
Kenobi technology. You won’t need a Kenobi wallet and neither will people
using your currency. It will appear completely original and all settings and
specs will be completely open. The only limit is your imagination!

In November 2017 Kenobi are launching our pre-sale. This is the period before our official IPO. in this period we will be selling Kenobi (KEN) for 1 satoshi per coin or 0.00000001BTC.

This will never be repeated and once we release our IPO the price is sure to rise dramatically. To participate in our pre-sale please visit our website: