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Jul 21, 2018


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Online crypto bookmaker
We are different, we are real, we are the future

About inbet.io
We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an intermediary between players, and not the casino, where you leave all the money. We will reduce margin and increase rates significantly, so that players, who are familiar with totalizer, will be shocked. We create a unique offer in the market. There are no analogs to our service. We add: a referral system, a rakeback system, own crypto currency for betting. We remove withdrawal fee, we add API for third-party e-organizations and popular streamers, which allows us to organize our own events on our platform. The registration process is simplified, and user accounts are fully anonymous, no skype conferences and blocking on suspicious activity. We strive to decentralize our site and automate its activities.

Clear and fair comparison of our offers with others
Please, visit the page "Competitors" on our website https://inbet.io/en/#competitors

More detailed and handy comparison is on our page https://inbet.io/en/

Bounty - https://inbet.io/en/bounty
Allocated for bounty - 2.000.000 IBO
Translate and support 15%, Twitter, 30%, Youtube 30%, Bitcoin forums 25%

About all our advantages and unique features you can read on the site or in White Paper or One Pager.
The topic is created in order to show people, that they are deceived, or that they can try to play in the betting service for the first time.

How usual betting office use its margin
a) Put in a pocket
b) Buy advertising

How inbet.io use margin:
a) 30% to a referrer
b) 30% to rakeback accounts
c) 15% for paying free withdrawals
d) 15% to the guarantee fund
e) up to 10% for a free match of the day

* A free match of the day is an automatically created match, that has accumulated a certain number of IBO tokens from the margin. Making a bet on the match of the day is absolutely free, and the prize fund will be divided among all the guessers (winners) in equal shares.


Issue - 100.000.000 IBO | Soft Cap – 1000 ETH
Pre-ico will be held from 25 july to 10 august, 5,000,000 IBO will be sold at a price of 1 ETH = 10,000 IBO + 10%.
The ICO will be held in two stages from September 15 to October 15, the second stage will start on October 30 until November 30. The price in the first stage will be 1 ETH = 7.000 IBO and 5% of bonus; in the second stage - 1 ETH = 3.500 IBO and no any bonuses. SCO, the last detail of a profitable offer for players, will take place right during the aggressive PR campaign with the price of 1 ETH = 550 IBO and will mark the successful start of the project.

In fact, if everything will go according to plan, than the ready product and a mobile application will be released this fall.

To implement the Road Map, we need to collect the Soft-Cap 1000 ETH

* Skeptics are advised to sit down and calculate how accurate our calculations are, not a single penny in the air, everything is calculated, so we can clearly do everything that we have planned. Additional hype and collecting the Hard Cap will allow us to organize advertising in the media, and to increase the number of countries supported and localized, as well as to increase the token price, raise demand, enter the stock exchange more quickly and increase their number, enlist very serious partnerships and other things. And now, get ready for the start of pre-ico. Let's make the Internet honest, confidential and free for protecting the rights of people and moral principles.

Please note, we, as creators, will profit in accordance with the article on the distribution of collected ether as indicated in the "White paper" and have profit of the part of tokens that we preserve. We came here to change the format of betting business, and not to make money on people. We will try to minimize all commissions even more, including payments for gas, currency conversion from fiat to IBO, access to partner stock exchanges for players without paying commission, and other perks.

bounty@inbet.team | business@inbet.team | support@inbet.team

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