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Mar 20, 2018
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Triip Protocol
Building the first blockchain-powered sustainable economy for 1.2b travelers

Triip Protocol is created by Triip Pte. Ltd - the pioneer blockchain firm active in Asia. The profitable travel blockchain startup licensed by Singapore Tourism Board was founded in 2014 and has since taken in $835,000 in venture capital funding and enjoyed nearly 400 percent in year-over-year growth. Triip has grown a global brand that travellers and respectable publishers like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TheNextWeb, Forbes, Al Jazeera, and Thomson Reuters all love. Triip is also a board member at the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the official member of World Committee on Tourism Ethics - an program by United Nation World Travel Organization. Triip’s CSR project SaveYourOcean.com to reduce the use of plastic bottles to save the ocean has won top prize at Sustainable Development Goal Challenge 2017 by United Nation Development Program in Vietnam.

Triip Protocol: Answer the hardest questions in Travel Industry:

  • Who will travel to Where and When?
  • How to reduce the Advertsing Fee to almost zero?
  • How to reduce Customer Acquisition cost?
TriipMiles is the main utility token in the Triip Protocol. It’s used to exchange data and value between Triip Protocol smart contracts, travel businesses, travellers and locals with a network of partnerships in 229 countries. TriipMiles (TIIM) can then be used to reserve 28,859,813 listings include 5,539,347 listings of homes, apartments and other unique places to stay, and get a 5% rebate in 137,678 destinations in 229 countries and territories. In additional, travellers can use TIIM to buy one of the 6,000 one-of-a-kind tours in 100 countries, global wifi data in 131 countries or purchase in-room entertainment as well as book local transportation and get other local services.

How does it work?
1. User Flow for Booking Travel Services:
For Traveler:

A. Register Account
B. Travel mining with travel plan submission: Traveler can create travel plans within Triip Protocol app. For each travel plan submitted, user will receive 88 TIIM, equal to US$ 1, into their wallet.
C. Booking Travel services: Traveler can browse all the tours, travel services, and promotions in Triip Protocol app. She can pay for tour booking with both TIIM and fiat. And when choose to pay with TriipMiles, the price is always 10% lower when pay with fiat.
D. Post-trip activities: After finished the tour, traveler can rate, and review the services she used. She will receive incentive with TIIM for her reviews. By sharing and referring friends, she can earn additional TIIM with every succesful booking. These rewards are funded by Triip Protocol incentive pool

For Business: All businesses must be verified (KYC) by Triip Protocol. After completing all the business information, business owner can list his products and services on Triip Protocol apps. To start using Triip Protocol for Business, partner must top up into their wallet with both fiat or TIIM.

Business partner can use the matching feature of Triip Protocol for Business to create targeted discount for traveler based on their travel plan data. Once approval, their offers will be shown in Traveler's app according to their travel plan.

Triip Protocol Business app uses cost-per-booking model. Business partners only pay for successful bookings.

With our 2-way review system, partner can give feedback to rate and review the travelers. By reviewing the traveler, partner will receive 0.5% of the total transaction value (from incentive pool).

2. User Flow for Booking Accommodation: When booking accommodations, the traveler will deposit the amount to the booking price with TIIM.

The Triip Protocol ensures that travelers will fulfill their bookings through the deposits and by rewarding them with TIIM sent to their electronic wallet app for hotel booking fulfillment. They can also pay with fiat at the hotel and receive full money while checkout, plus an additional 5% of their total booking in TIIM straight to their wallet.

This mechanism will create a small the booking cancel rate compared to Booking.com and other accommodations booking services.

What is our unfair advantages?

  • First to market: Bhutan, Type-A Retreat, Global Travel Entrepreneur Challenge (GTEC 2016)
  • Technology: Our backend is Ruby on Rail with ready API allowing flexible upgrades and integrations to other systems.
  • Operation Efficiencyriip has been extremely capital efficient, leveraging on our core team and just US$34K in ads spend to achieve US$1.2M in revenue in 4 years.
  • Lowest Fee: With Triip Protocol, Triip will give 100% of the TriipMiles listed on tour from travellers to local tour guides via TriipMiles, thanks to smart contracts automating transactions that bypass commission-based platforms, financial institutions, and currency denominations. We only charge 3.5% service fees from the traveller.
  • Huge Inventory: Through our partnership with Booking.com, Triip traveler can book a stay and get 5% TIIM rebate at 28,875,236 listings include 5,782,338 listings of homes, apartments and other unique places to stay, and are located in 145,362 destinations in 228 countries and territories. Besides, global accommodation, Triip traveler can also book 6,000 unique local tours in 100 countries.
  • Strong support: Triip earned a seed round investment of US$500K from Gobi Partners/MAVCAP and the CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Dr Mario Hardy.