[ANN][ICO] Spheris: Decentralized Application Marketplace


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Aug 31, 2017

Spheris is an open-source decentralized application marketplace, with a standalone solution for payment processing. Planned with a vision to eliminate 3rd party fees, Spheris platform aims to become the go-to place for developers who wish to be in control of their revenue, and consumers who wish to pay directly to the developers. With Ethereum’s blockchain technology, new possibilities open up to disrupt the status quo and shift the paradigm toward giving more to developers and consumers, without the involvement of large corporate entities. In addition to providing a new distribution vector for developers, Spheris introduces customizable subscription options and validation for apps, a feature-extended crypto wallet solution, as well as optional decentralized storage solutions with other blockchain projects.​

We chose a more dedicated and focused approach to provide a decentralized application marketplace. Such an approach allows solving problems in novel ways:​
Fees. Traditional app stores take a 30% cut from each sale, in addition to registration fees. Opting to self-publish your apps will result in third-party payment processing fees. Developers will not be subjected to any fees on the Spheris platform.​
Censorship and Restrictions. Apps that don't comply with the numerous app store guidelines get rejected or de-listed. Proper rating and ranking systems, along with the power of the community, ensure this will not happen on the Spheris platform.​
Point of Entry for Developers. Currently, many developers across the globe cannot sell on various app stores due to bureaucracy and legislation. There is no requirement to form a legal entity or even open a bank account in order to sell on Spheris.​
Ease-of-Use. We want to make sure that developers don't need any kind of additional technical blockchain skills in order to sell on Spheris. Spheris will provide all necessary tools for a comfortable and friendly user experience.​

The Spheris platform is comprised of five separate, function-specific components. They are:

Catalog: A database of registered developers and applications.
Browser: the Decentralized Application Marketplace interface.
Manager: an enhanced crypto wallet for managing subscriptions and payments.
Signal: an anti-piracy subscription validator component.
Storage: a storage integration framework for fast and easy remote content distribution.

We introduce Spheris tokens (SPRS) as part of the Spheris solution. SPRS will be created once we deploy our smart contract on Ethereum blockchain. Spheris DAM is being built with the idea of creating a standardized currency for conducting software related business in a pseudo-frictionless market environment.​

The total amount of SPRS created will be 2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion SPRS).

Why Two Trillion?

Convenience. Given that SPRS tokens are meant to be used as the currency for buying/selling software, we want software price representations in SPRS to be convenient for worldwide markets.​

Scalability. Taking into account that the Spheris platform will continuously attract new users, SPRS market price will rise to the point of disrupting software prices which are traditionally tied to a fiat currency index, unless scalability is taken into account.​

Greater Liquidity. Higher number of outstanding SPRS tokens can result in greater liquidity for the SPRS token stock. This will facilitate trading and will narrow the bid-ask spread.​

SPRS Tokens Allocation

Spheris Crowdsale will begin on September 19th, 2017 at around 12PM UTC and will run for 30 days.

Crowdsale SPRS token supply: 1,240,000,000,000 SPRS.
Base rate: 1 ETH = 300,000 SPRS. This may change due to Ethereum’s price fluctuation. Final rate will determined at the start of the crowdsale.
Accepted currencies: Ether, Bitcoin. Other currencies will be announced prior to the start of the crowdsale.

Refund policy: the minimum contribution total required is 720,000 USD. If minimum isn’t reached at the end of the crowdsale period, contributors will receive a refund.
Unsold SPRS tokens will be distributed proportionally between crowdsale contributors.

Crowdsale duration: thirty days.
SPRS tokens will be sent to contributors after the end of crowdsale period.