[ANN][ICO] RLCoin - Solving Loyalty for Enterprise


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Feb 16, 2018

RLCoin (www.rlcoin.io) is the currency of RLClub (www.rlclub.pro), a vibrant marTech solution established with 5 partners and 250+ brands in Europe and Asia, connecting millions of consumers. RLCoin brings trust and transparency to this mobile engagement platform.

RLClub develops white labeled mobile apps for partners (e.g. telecoms, malls, banks, and eSports communities) that rewards their consumers for brand engagement and shopping. When consumers interact with brands they like, they earn RLCoin which can be redeemed for rewards amounting to as much as $30/month.

Brands and retailers can engage with consumers directly via white-label RLClub apps, without intermediaries. They market special offers and pay for walk ins, barcode scans (for target products), purchases & receipts, social media visits, and surveys.
Here are some stats on the platform:

• Active users spend 2 hours in the apps per month
• The average duration between purchases is 11 days
• Active users complete 23 brand interactions per month
• Return on ad spend (RoAS) is 3,300%, on average

This represents a win-win-win value proposition for consumers, brands, and partners. Consumers win by learning about special offers and getting rewards for shopping. Brands win as they gain measurable direct interactions, in-store foot traffic, and incremental sales. And partners win as they earn a portion of ad revenue and see a lift in spending on their services.

The solution has 250+ enterprise counterparties, both partners as well as global brands, local brands, and retailers who are all seeing a lift in revenue.

RLClub solutions won 6 top awards at the industry events in Europe and Asia for innovation, technology, and partnerships.

• RLCoin site: www.rlcoin.io
• RLClub site: www.rlclub.pro
• Video: • Telegram: https://t.me/rlcoinico
• Article - "How Brands Drive In-Store Traffic and Reward Consumers": https://medium.com/@evan_94189/how-brands-drive-in-store-traffic-and-reward-consumers-774564804a09
• Article - "Customer Journey of Rewarding Millennial Shoppers with RLCoin": https://medium.com/@evan_94189/customer-journey-of-rewarding-millennial-shoppers-with-rlcoin-abdfee903c6c