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Mar 26, 2018
GINEX is an international Internet exchange of gaming facilities enabling the gamers (users) and vendors (game manufacturers) to sell on the global market their gaming products, accounts, currencies and bonuses. The convenience and functionality are the basis of GINEX. The vendors’ simple access to the market, the easy entry and withdrawal of moneys, convenient purchasing, safe transactions and reliable account protection, a vast number of gaming systems and multiple language support, such are by far incomplete merits of the proposed system. GINEX will become the first international exchange supplying the gaming facilities and currencies as commodities that form the basis of market relations between the users and the vendors.

Ginex – Official bounty program

We launch the Ginex’s bounty program for all who wish to join our community and help us to create a one of important financial instruments of game industry.


1. To participate in the bounty program, you must be registered on the official GINEX ICO web site.

2. The number of tokens credited depends on the share of the registration number by your referral link in the total number of registrations for all referral links of all the participants of the bonus program.

3. The formula for calculating GNX token distribution for bounty program participants is as follows: 5% of all issued tokens [divide by] total number of registered users by referral links of all participants of this bounty program [multiply by] number of registered users by referral link a particular participant of this bounty program.


For example – if total amount of issued tokens is 10 000 000 then the entire bounty program token pool is 500 000.

Let's assume that the total number of registered users is 10 000, 500 of which were earned by our particular user.

In this case, a week after the completion of the ICO, our user will receive 25 000 GNX Tokens on his ETH wallet.

4. When the ICO is over all GNX tokens will be sent to ETH wallets of their respective owners two week later.

How to participate:

5. Users register and login on the official GINEX ICO web site.

6. Fill in the necessary fields and click the Save button.

7. Copy the referral link and insert it on our web-site; blog; in social networks (facebook, vkontakte, google+, etc.); on video hosting services (youtube, rutube, etc.); forums, etc.



8. The accounting of the user registrations is carried out automatically on the basis of the ID of a referral link.

9. The calculation of the number of tokens is carried out automatically using the formula given in par. 3.


10. In order to ensure fraud security of the Bounty program a protection from visit number drive up by means of temporary restriction of the number of registrations with due regard to the user’s IP-address is used.

11. Registered users are considered to be the users that have specified their e-mail in the token purchase section.


· Whitepaper: http://ginex.tech/documents/Whitepaper.pdf

· Press realize:

üEnglish: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (English).pdf

üDeutsch: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (German).pdf

üالعربية: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Arabic).pdf

üEspañol: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Spanish).pdf

ü中文: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Chinese).pdf

üPortuguês: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Portuguese).pdf

üहिंदी: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Hindi).pdf

üРусский: http://ginex.tech/documents/Press release (Russian).pdf

· Terms and conditions: http://ginex.tech/documents/Terms and conditions.pdf

· Private Policy: http://ginex.tech/documents/Private policy.pdf

· GNX Token Purchase Manual: http://ginex.tech/documents/Instruction.pdf

· Exchanges list: http://ginex.tech/documents/Exchanges.pdf

· Bounty program (this document): http://ginex.tech/documents/Bounty program.pdf

· Logo:


- http://ginex.tech/logo/dark-logo.svg

- http://ginex.tech/logo/lightblue-logo.svg

- http://ginex.tech/logo/white-logo.svg


- http://ginex.tech/logo/logo.png

- http://ginex.tech/logo/logo white.png

· Ginex name front: AR DESTINE


· E-mail: media@ginex.tech

· Telergram: https://t.me/ginextech

· Vk: https://vk.com/ginextech

· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2029530297290536/

· Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginextech

· Github: https://github.com/ginextech/ico

· Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ginextech/