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Nov 6, 2017

Boomstarter Network is to launch a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform with smart contracts and crowdmining technology

Private Placement is Sold Out in 120 Hours!


Today centralized crowdfunding platforms are geographically limited, not convenient enough and do not provide quick payouts to projects.

Now crowdfunding will be global and independent of third-party platforms with Boomstarter Network. Ethereum and smart contracts will allow to cut the knot of the problems mentioned above and bring modern crowdfunding to the new global level. Boomstarter Network focuses on the international market, not limited by borders.

Thanks to smart contracts and their transparency, backers will be able to track transactions from the creators' wallets.
Also, smart contracts allow users to receive funding almost instantly and without intermediaries - including project funding.

All participants of the new ecosystem can participate with low commissions. Now you do not need to share the collected funds, all the cryptocurrency will go to the creator of the project. At the start of the project, the commission is 0%.

Our unique feature is crowd mining technology. One can contribute to our project without any direct investment. Use your computer power to mine crypto and get 10% of it back, or up to 50% if you are a Pro Miner.

We introduce Boomstarter Coin (BC) to make transactions within the ecosystem. Project creators will use this utility token as a means of payment at the platform. You can also use our token for project placement and premium services. It will also allow Miners to upgrade their accounts to Pro and get the best mining options.

The public pre-sale of Boomstarter Network tokens starts on the 29th of June 2018 and pursues several key goals:

- To introduce Boomstarter Coin into circulation for users who wish to use the services of the platform in the future. The price of the token at the crowdsale stage is much lower.

- To get the necessary investments to create and promote the perfect technological tool of smart crowdfunding based on of Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

- To showcase Boomstarter Network and to attract as many supporters as possible to the development of crypto fundraising ecosystem.

Boomstarter Coin (BC) details and timeline:

- Private-sale: (SOLD OUT)

- Pre-sale start: 29th of June 2018

- Public sale start: August 6 2018

Pre-sale token price: 1 BC = $0,6
Token price at ICO end: 1 BC = $2

Total supply: 36 000 000 BC
Softcap: $3 000 000
Hardcap: $20 000 000

Private sale - SOLD OUT
Minimum investment: pre-sale — $100, Public sale — $50
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC

All participants of the new ecosystem can enjoy low commissions. They do not need to share the collected funds, and the creator of the project retains all the raised cryptocurrency. At the start of the project and until 2020, the commission on Boomstarter Network is 0%
The bounty campaign will start at the pre-sale stage — more news to follow!

Unchain the world while making money!