[ANN] Huge Chain - A distributed future block digital bank


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Jul 22, 2018
Huge Combine Chain

(y)Please HODL ON, we'll listing exchange within a month and it's going to the moon!!(y)

GitHub link https://github.com/HugeChain/HugeChain/blob/master/HugeChain.rar?raw=true

Huge Combine Chain


Lightning Fast

HugeChain is an extremely fast-transferring currency, it is 1000 times faster than Bitcoin, in which makes Huge Combine Chain a powerful payment system by supporting physical payment via fast transaction.

20% Annual Stake

HugeChain holders will receive 20% floating reward per coin per year. So your investment just keeps on growing.


HugeChain is security focused and is continually looking at ways to ensure the security of our blockchain and our community.


HugeChain is one of the cryptocurrency with strong integration capability. Many functions can be integrated to achieve the technology of entity application.

We will build a strong community. Many investment agencies are in touch with us.
Let's get HugeChain better than better~


Type: PoS

Block Size: 6MB

Coinbase maturity: 5 blocks

Target spacing: 60 seconds

Target timespan: 2 block

Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks

Coin Maturity: After ~ 501 blocks

Block Reward: 2,012{PoW) for the first 2,012 blocks

PoS %: up to 20% year

Max Supply: 6,000,000,000

Pre-mined amount: 1,000,000,000 (approx. 16.6%) Fee: 0.001 to transfer 10,000,000 HugeChain

Please HODL ON!!

We'll listing exchange within a month and it's going to the moon!!

Very important!!!

Welcome to our great plan!

You have to join us. You'll see the reward in a month.

Just join us right now.(y)(y)(y) https://github.com/HugeChain/HugeChain/blob/master/HugeChain.rar?raw=true