[ANN] HireMatch


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Jan 26, 2018
The recruitment industry is big business, it would therefore only be a matter of time before the first decentralised application would show up.

The wait wasn’t that long as it is currently running it’s ICO.

HireMatch.io a decentralised application, also known as DApp.

HireMatch aims to eliminate the middle man in the recruiting business.

Like expensive third part intermediaries when business are looking for new talent to hire.

It kills two birds with one stone.

(1) No more necessary high fees

(2) Faster process my skipping the middle man

If you are familiar with (corporate) recruiting you know how awfully long these processes can be.

Endless stages from intake calls to selection, to weeks later actually hiring someone and getting the commission.

Now, anyone could gain that commission. Contracts will be closed faster and therefore, less operation fees.

Sounds pretty good right? Let’s have a closer!