[ANN] GigTricks


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Mar 28, 2018
Every day we see a new introduction to the gig market, similar to the traditional freelancing platforms but not GigTricks. Brace yourselves as GigTricks this July embarks on the adventure of taking masses by storm.

What GigTricks’ trying to achieve is devising a system that is efficient, secure, transparent and scalable. It is not just a product or a freelancing platform rather an entire ecosystem that comprises of 5 different platforms namely GigTricks Marketplace, GigTricks Pro, GigTricks Social, GigTricks Learning and GigTricks PoS that are interconnected. GigTricks being a blockchain based ecosystem for freelance & on-demand economy.
OPPORTUNITY TO AVAIL - With the GigTricks Pre-sale going live, there is an initial offer of 50% discount on the GBTC tokens via that all transactions are to be made within the ecosystem. And to make yourself valuable for the ecosystem, you need to have GigBit tokens for making a presence in the ecosystem. You can begin your investments from $100 and up.
WHAT’S NEW - In case you are wondering what is so new about this freelance ecosystem? Then let me assure you, it is something unseen and unheard of in the recent times. The ecosystem is completely decentralized, meaning every transaction, review and skill ratings are to be stored in the blockchain. GigTricks aspire to manifest an environment where both the parties (buyers/sellers) get benefits from.
WHY BUY GBTC TOKENS? – GigTricks being a blockchain based ecosystem that is here to revolutionize the freelance and on-demand ecosystem will create a common exchange of value for all the ecosystem participants by dealing in GigBit tokens and the transaction fee will be minimal. Are you thinking about the scope? You don’t need to worry since with GigTricks PoS devices you can also take payments in any other fiat or crypto token that will automatically be converted in GBTC with the help of PoS device in real time.
WHY INVEST? – Because GigTricks is a post-revenue business model that is seeking to list its crypto utility tokens name as the GigBit Tokens (GBTC) at exchanges within 4 weeks after the ICO ends. They will start their initial development of the blockchain ecosystem as soon as the token sale will come to its conclusion and their GigTricks Marketplace is already LIVE in fiat currency, functional and visible as a badge of their legitimacy.