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Mar 14, 2018
Hi all, I'm comeback with an interesting project in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The project named Habibi Coin.

The fact that the average person can never be a home owner or real estate investor due to strict pre requirements from lenders. They also have no experience in construction of properties and have to rely on contractors to develop a project to profit off of the lucrative construction side of real estate. Therefore, Habibi Coin aims to create equal opportunity for anyone to participate in real estate and leverage our experience in the construction of real estate. Habibi Coin could be considered to be a community solution to help its members participate in fractional real estate ownership, and construction without having high incomes, credit scores and development experience.

Habibi Coin (HBB) is a real estate backed token with a social philanthropic model beinglaunched as a community solution to help its community remove interest bearing debt in home financing while building a for profit real estate portfolio.

Habibi Coin's Key Features

Habibi Coin is involved in some sectors. Habibi Coin performs real estate appreciates and cash flows creating value for token holders without the risk of devaluation, volatility or speculation in global real estate. They removes interest bearing debt by mortgaging buyouts for community removing interest completely from the homeownership process. They also involved in better home ownership sector. Life span of mortgage reduce, payments directly to principal home equity is protected from foreclosure. Besides, Social philanthropic model is a global community solution to preserve economic prosperity within the community that involved by Habibi Coin.

Token Sale

ICO token will be released on the basis of Ethereum20 platform. You can buy HabibiCoin by buying them from your account. Your HabibiCoin’s will be added to your wallet and you are able to see your purchase history from your account.

The price of Tokens at ICO is $0.05. The total number of Tokens is 2.2 Billion. The number of Tokens Pre ICO is 1.3 Billion. And the number of Tokens ICO is 885 Million. Pre ICO is open now with the discount of 40%. It will close in 22 days and 12 hours.

The following is Distribution of Tokens and Funds Distribution of Habibi Coin.

Distribution of Tokens

Funds Distribution
Habibi Coin has availability of skilled labor and human resource management with 1000+ skilled labor in the company who have worked on 100+ projects. Habibi Coin also has availability of the funds and management. It plans to finish 100 projects in its first year of business with average project cost ranging to be 1.5 million AED each so the total worth of the project would be 150 million AED in revenue including the profits considering 30 % returns the cost of the projects comes out to be 105 million AED or 28million dollars. As Habibi Coin is doing ICO of 59 million dollars after removing 15% funds for mortgage. Habibi coin still have approximately 22 million dollars in its reserves saved for unforeseen circumstances. With these strengths that I have mentioned, Habibi Coin is consider to develop much more to be a successful project in the future.

More information:

Medium: http://bit.ly/MediumHCio

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Jan 20, 2018
It is everybody's dream to own their own personal house. But in this economy, it is diffcult for lower and middle class people. I hope that Habibi coin can help the people. What is the basic amount that you have forecasted?