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Oct 25, 2017


The World Health Organization estimates physical inactivity causes 5.3 million deaths a year worldwide [Lee, 2012]1. Which is almost 10% of all deaths. Making «Low fitness» the strongest predictor of death [Blair, 2005].
What if we could improve our health habits by investing in ourselves in a fun and challenging way? Meet Florio.

What is Florio

Florio is a platform that motivates people to move, exercise, set and achieve their goals. Florio stimulates living a healthier life by combining exercise with gamified competition and (financial) reward, supported by a social network.
Florio allows users to track their health activities, set goals for themselves, challenge and compete with family and friends. These goals can be food and exercise related.
The Florio platform will be supported by an extensive range of e-commerce services which the users can benefit from. At the core of the Florio ecosystem is the Florio token (FLR), a digital currency which is used as a reward for challenges and as the currency for the e-commerce within the platform.

Our Vision

Florio’s vision is to encourage healthy living and to provide as many tools to support this.

We Challenge.
Competition, gamification and reward are great motivators to keep you going. Research shows that a money incentive is most productive in moving people. Florio allows users to create cryptocurrency based challenges and get rewarded! Challenge friends and family or create an open challenge that can be joined by everyone.

We Win
We keep track of everything. We use advanced data tracking mechanisms to keep track of your goals, compare achievements, check what actually is healthy for you or check how other people are doing. We analyse everything and visualize it in a way that it is actionable for everybody. All data is safely stored within our decentralized storage. Initially Florio will track activities like steps, distance and calories burnt, but users can also view regional leaderboards so they can see how they measure up against their peers, and follow their overall progress.

The best part is, you don’t even have to do anything. Just connect your tracker/wearable and all the data automatically translates into usable advice. After the challenge the reward goes to the winner of the challenge which is determined by the platform.

We Celebrate
The community is the core of the platform. It’s the place where you can find tips and information on the one hand, but even more important, you can also find support, and share your victories with families and friends. Having a supportive community can keep you motivated, push you to work out harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your health goals. Everybody is here to help you achieve your goals. We invite you to connect with other health improvers, friends & family and all types of other health specialists.

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Token sale (Initial Sale Period )

The start of the Initial Sale period will soon be announced on our website, https://florio.io. The token sale will have a duration of 30 days or until all tokens are sold.
The Initial Sale Period will have four different bonus levels, which differ based on the period in time when contributions are made in the token sale. Early buyers get the opportunity to a (higher) bonus. This incentivizes early contributors while providing time for everyone to partake.

The bonus breaks down according to the following structure:

  • Participation in day 1 - 7: 30% bonus
  • Participation in day 8 - 14: 20% bonus
  • Participation in day 15 - 21: 10% bonus
  • Participation in day 22 - 30: No bonuses

Token Allocation

With the distribution of the tokens Florio allows the community to participate in the platform and create community involvement and support. In turn this will help shape and steer the platform and will produce a product that is carried by a broad user base.

The tokens will be divided as follows:

20% of Florio (FLR) tokens to be created will be distributed to Florio’s founders, employees, ambassadors and early investors as an incentive to ensure long term alignment of interests and commitment to the tokens and their future value.

The remaining 80% of the Florio tokens will be divided as follows:

- 75% of the FLR tokens will be made available to the public through our token sale.
- 15% of the FLR tokens will be allocated to Florio for business development, market expansion and marketing activities.
- 10% of the FLR tokens will be allocated to support the e-commerce flow in the Florio network.

Any tokens that are not sold during the token sale will be reserved for future token sale periods.

The funding that is received in the token sale will go towards development of the Florio platform. The funds will be spent on research & development, hiring personnel, hardware and operational costs. Based on the amount of funding received there are targets defined that will be realized. The first target of 5.000 ETH is also the minimal investment amount needed for Florio. If that investment amount isn’t reached in the Initial Sale Period all investments will be refunded to the contributors.


The Florio Token will be implemented as a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. The token will adhere to the ERC20 standard.

Florio portal

The Florio portal will be a responsive web application with full support for all major browsers, on mobile and desktop. The portal will be hosted on decentralized servers to guarantee uptime and service availability. The technology stack used is cutting-edge, the portal is composed of the latest but proven technologies.

Florio tracker clients

Florio will create a dedicated mobile tracker app which will read the user’s activity and send this data in a secure way to the Florio platform. The app will communicate with the RESTFull services of the platform. The Florio tracker will be available for the major smartwatch and wearable platforms, with initial development starting with a tracker client for Samsung Gear and Apple Watch devices.

Florio Mobile apps

Native apps will be developed for Android and iOS smartphones; these apps will carry the same features as the Florio portal for the Desktop.

Florio Preview App – Early Adopter Token giveaway

In order to build the Florio community and gain traction, a simplified version of the Florio mobile app will be released ahead of the token sale. Florio will have a FLR token giveaway for early adopters of the Florio app. Out of the tokens allocated for marketing activities 5.000.000 FLR tokens will be divided amongst the first 100.000 users of the Florio app.
The download link and details of the Florio Preview app will be announced on the forum and on the Florio website, https://florio.io


Smart contract bug bounty
Earn free FLR tokens for every bug you can find in our ERC20 smart contracts.
Start will be announced soon!

Social media post bounty
More details are coming soon, but you'll have the change to earn free FLR tokens by joining the movement and promoting Florio on social media.
Start will be be announced soon!

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