[ANN] Ethino - The first and only erc20 ethereum casino


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Oct 3, 2017

ICO IS NOW LIVE | Visit www.ethino.com and hit contribute to invest in a revolutionary erc20 casino | Week 1 bonus is 24% ENO tokens

In a few months Ethino goes live with a soft launch as our alpha is going very well.

What is Ethino?

Ethino is the game changer ERC20 token holders have been waiting for. We will be the first and only ERC20 Ethereum casino. Users will be able to wager as well as receive ERC20 tokens payouts. We of course will also also support traditional ETH gambling as well. Our road map to implement ERC20 token wagering and payouts is Q1 2018. This is due to 0x and Kyber Network still in their development stages. We will however release our first game Casino War in Q4 2017, which will support ETH wagers and ETH payouts.
To find out more about us please visit our website at www.ethino.com

Promotional Video:Alpha v1.0 Video:
Ethino: Alpha 1.0 Launch

We are ecstatic to introduce our first alpha release, fully playable on the Rinkeby test net. Visit https://www.ethino.com/alpha/ to start playing!
Early preview of our game, please let us know of any bugs you find !
contact@ethino.com subject: Ethino Bugs

ICO Instructionshttps://medium.com/@Ethino_Casino/ethino-ico-begins-at-6-pm-utc-today-4a6a694a3e25

Our Links:
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Gw2mJBEVeULdXrJn7WPhZQ
Website: https://ethino.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ethino_Casino
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethino/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Ethino_Casino
White paper: http://www.ethino.com/files/ethino-whitepaper.pdf
Alpha on Rinkeby test net: https://www.ethino.com/alpha/
Email: contact@ethino.com


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Oct 3, 2017
Thanks appreciate it! A lot of hard work went into Ethino to get to this stage. Our ICO is now live check it out as well!


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Dec 11, 2018
I believe that the casino should exist only for rich people who come there deliberately in order to get adrenaline and not win money