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Oct 16, 2018


Dirath Mining System (DMS) - a company created to maximize the benefits of cooperation between the two partners (investors) and the development team. The main idea of ??the project is to earn their means cryptocurrency production (of mining), and its further implementation in the form of dividends, as well as for reinvestment, which in turn allows you to build digital capacity for even greater profits. We have assembled a team of highly motivated and result-oriented people. Currently, our project is on full enthusiasm and absolutely no foreign investments. Each team member takes a direct part to create the fundamentals of the project, further-more! Our ambition knows no bounds, just some 5 years we want to open more than 20 farms in every corner of the world! Also, our strengths include the desire to provide both themselves and the investors income for life. We already have all the project developments that we try to count down to the last detail and have no problems in the implementation. Some facts:

1. We have access to cheap electricity (0.02-0.04 cents \ kWh)

2. At the moment, we are living a few hours away to China, as they are known, are the largest suppliers of equipment in the world. And it allows us to quickly buy "Asik" and get them in a few days.

3. Currently available for more than 20 objects, which are all suitable for the formation of a potential quality "farm."

4. We offer openness and transparency, each investor can visit the site and had a tour of the farm. Each of you has the right to know and see what went investment!

2. Summary of the DMS project

The Token Dirath - it Ethereum token ERC20 format, which gives the right to receive a percentage of the profit of the project, according to the number of tokens you have purchased.

The initial proposal of tokens - marks the beginning of a public sale of tokens.

Issue of tokens - refers to the release of the entire batch of tokens.

The Pre-Sale of Private - private phase of the sale of tokens for extra-large investors.

Sale-the Pre - the first public phase with a limited number of tokens.

The ICO - the second phase of the public sale of tokens without restriction.

Contract-the Smart - smart contract for Ethereum platform, which serves for the distribution of tokens, profits, destruction of tokens and the like in an automatic mode. For a more complete understanding of the work, you can get acquainted with the basic functions on the official site Ethereum.

3. General information about the dates of major events

All information is listed for informational purposes and may vary slightly during the development of the project.

4. Terms of the investment

1. 1 Dirath token = US $ 1

2. The minimum number of tokens purchased - 100 Dirath

3. Percentage bonus tokens - 0-40% (depending on the project stage)

5. The percentage of the income distribution

Revenues from the production process will be distributed among the project team, investors and reivestitsii in the project to maintain it, as well as for its expansion.

6. The income distribution technology

Revenues will be distributed by of mining technology, "Smart-contract" in automatic mode. For profit on your wallet must be tokens Dirath. This will ensure maximum automation and transparency of the distribution process. All tokens are received for investments can be transferred to another person of your choice, in this case, income from the face of mining will receive holds these tokens. All income will come at ETH currency (Ethereum), please note that the income will are scaled directly from ETH prices at the time the tokens!

7. Hours farm

For maximum benefit, the farm will be working 24 \ 7 automatically. We will provide the best performance and durability by means of timely maintenance and correct assembly. All equipment has a "lifetime" and eventually fails, allow reinvestment as well as to open new farms and maintain existing ones.

8. Basic methods reinvestment

Reinvestment of the profits of the project - is an integral part of both the maintenance of a sufficient number of farm power and capacity brought by the farm income. Reinvestment is derived from the specific needs at the time of distribution of the profit, and does not imply a certain action. In turn, we promise that the money will always be allocated on the basis of the needs of considerations, as well as maximum profits.

Official website of the project: https://dirath.com/
Official Telegram group:
EN: https://t.me/dirath
RU: https://t.me/dirath_rus