[ANN] Dequant - Quantum computer intelligence and deep learning


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Mar 7, 2019


Coin name: DEQUANT
Coin Symbol: DEQ
Algo: Quark
Rewards: MN - 80%, PoS - 20%
MAX COIN SUPPLY: 40.000.000
Coin Lock: 20.000.000
Block Time: 90 Seconds

The approach of DEQUANT is to solve this problem with an quantum-computer based artificial
Intelligence and deep learning techniques to protect our customers against modern and next-generation threats.​

[size=16pt]Effects such as superposition and entanglement that are not present in the classical world of IT offer
information-processing benefits many of which can be meaningfully applied to cryptography.

The DEQUANT AI permanently monitors all decentralized devices in real-time. The quantum entanglement plays a central role here.
Quantum particles that are interconnected react to the status of the other networked particles even thousands of miles away and all in zero-time.[/size]

Zero-time makes it possible to protect all other quantum blockchain participants in
the same moment of the attack against the threat that has just become known.

The deep learning method in conjunction with the Quantum technology allows us to
detect even the smallest changes or attempts to manipulate.

Based on attacks that occur on the individual devices with the most diverse system configurations
and operating systems, the artificial intelligence continuously extends its own database by itself.

The Dequant LFAP (learned-from-attack-protocol) analyze, categorize and archives the threat after the attack.
Permanent database updates as known from standard anti-virus procedures are now a thing of the past.​
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