[ANN] Decibels - Decentralized Encrypted Multi-Media Exchange Market

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Decibel is the Blockchain approach to music and media encryption and delivery. The digital era has plagued the overall value of music, media, and files a like. The ability to torrent and pirate information has made simply keeping your digital files on your computer unsafe. Leaks are causing the value of data and art alike to decrease in value, demolishing the overall outcome of entertainment and it’s worth. Decibel plans to lead the revolution is music/media revival by integrating the security, scale, and speed of the Blockchain network to establish a entirely new digital era of music/media sales and advertising. Based on the speed and continued growth of Ethereum, Decibel will provide a perfect ecosystem for growth in the media world along with a secure personal experience tailored to the entrepreneurial and artistic mind set.

Decibel is a design by creators, for creators. With the simple intent to bring value back to creativity and it’s beholders, while offering the community the ability to base that value as well. Decibel will bridge the divide between creator and audience by introducing a market like approach to the media industry. Allowing creators to develop and establish their own content markets, while giving their audiences and communities develop and build their overall value and worth. Decentralizing the value of media content from not only the creator, but the receivers as well. Decibel’s target consumer would be musicians, artists, designers, directors, developers, producers, film makers, journalists, authors, doctors, architects, and media lovers, right on down to the average college student.

ICO Parameters
Contract Address: 0x1dc8c1b2f767e9e7b346f2056d0976523ba6b1d9
Name: Decibel
Symbol: DCBL
Decimal: 10 (0.0000000001)
Total Supply: 50,000,000 DCBL
Crowd Sale: 20,000,000 DCBL
Crowd Sale Price: 1 DCBL = $0.50
Pre-Sale: 10,000,000 DCBL
Pre-Sale Price: 1 DCBL = $0.25​

We plan to offer something completely innovating to the community, we are an moderately small experienced team hoping to grow with our community specifically. With the aid of loyal hodlers with strong optimistic outlook, we will present a next-generation software, hardware, and application that will be delivered to every aspect of consumers lives. Please pay close attention to this thread as it develops. Plans for beautifying of this post are to come in the following week. Beyond that, you can expect many rapid updates to come. Until then we at Decibels appreciate your interest into our thread and development. We promise a detailed, approach to our introduction that will wow our community.

Please bull with us while we finish our final touches to our introduction.
Stay tuned, Decibels is to the moon​


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