[ANN] DATONA.IO: Providing the tools for you to protect your digital information


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Jun 20, 2019


Providing the tools for you to protect your digital information, enabling you to share it on your terms and placing you back in control.

At Datona Labs we believe we should all have complete visibility and control of our global data footprints so we've created the concept of Smart Data Access.
This uses smart contracts to control who can access which parts of our personal information and under what conditions.
We want to replace the terms of current written contracts with a smart contract and hold the information in a digital 'vault' controlled by that contract.
In our solution, no organisations store our information outside of the vault; instead they access it from the vault whenever they need to, anytime 24/7, provided the contract allows it.

Our solution, Datona IO, is an open platform constructed from a smart contract enabled blockchain and a marketplace of third party data vault nodes.
Data vault service providers and private organisations will be able to deploy their own data vault nodes on the network and DApp developers will be able to build and deploy their own Smart Data Access enabled applications.
Datona Labs will lead the way with Datona Vault and Datona Identity - projects designed to control our personal identity data.
These are described on our website and in our white paper.

We invite you to visit our website, read our white paper and provide your feedback as we share our project publicly for the first time.
Our next major milestone is our seed funding round in mid-2019.
Please connect with us through bitcointalk, our discord channel or via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Smart Data Access

Information is temporarily stored on datona.io and is protected by a Smart Data Access Contract (S-DAC).
The S-DAC specifies the terms and conditions for the use, update and expiry of the information.
It is written in code and deployed on the platform's blockchain.

The platform automatically enforces the contract terms permitting access to the information only if the terms allow.
On contract expiry, the platform deletes the information.

The S-DAC contains a summary of the terms for presentation to and acceptance by the user.
S-DAC templates are designed to be public allowing them to be independently reviewed and validated by the expert community.
This assures the owner and requester that the contract code is valid and that the textual summary is a true reflection of the code.

Since the Datona.io platform is public, the owner and requester can query it at any time for all their active S-DACs, and thereby obtain the current state of their digital information footprint.
They can also obtain their data sharing history by querying for expired contracts.


Control of Data

Places personal data back into the owner's hands
Enables individuals to control who has access to their data and under what conditions
Enables individuals to revoke or extend access at their discretion


Enables individuals to see who has access to their data, globally, at any time
Enables individuals to survey their history of data-share transactions


Enables individuals to lease or sell their data to projects and organisations
Connects organisations around the world with individuals willing to share their data

Data Protection

Gives organisations off-the-shelf compliance with data protection regulations
Brings peace of mind to individuals by giving them control and visibility of their global data footprint

Quality of Data

Helps keep an organisation's customer database up-to-date
Deletes data that is no longer controlled by a contract
Ensures data accuracy by integrating trusted verification


Organisations can offload data security to a cloud service for customer data
Data and access keys are distributed across multiple sites

Intelligent Access

Restrict access to specific individuals or roles
Control which individuals or roles have access to which parts of the data
Dynamically modify access based on a work-flow or external events
Create multi-signature access models

Digital Identity

Proof of ID, qualifications, role
Pre-verified KYC data
Electronic ticketing schemes
Object provenance
Copyright support

Secure Messaging

Supports secure, authenticated messaging for any application
Secure file sharing