[ANN] Dash Diamond (DASHD) [PoS/MN] Masternode Platform + Marketplace


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Mar 5, 2019
Dash Diamond is a fork of the Dash and PIVX blockchain, the most widely-used and most secure cryptocurrency when it comes to proof of stake and masternodes. With lower transaction fees than any credit card, better exchange rates than any government backed currency, and faster transaction confirmations than other digital payments, Dash Diamond is the internet’s native currency.
Dash Diamond Links
Dash Diamond Blockchain Information
Coin name: Dash Diamond
Ticker: DASHD
Algorithm (POW/POS): Quark POS
Block reward: 5 DASHD (10% ANNUAL DECREASE)
Masternode Collateral: 1000 DASHD
Masternode Reward: 80%
Staking (POS) reward: 20%
Block Time: 150 seconds
Maximum supply: 18 000 000 DASHD
Premine: 180 000 DASHD (1%)
Dash Diamond Services
Diamond Nodes - A decentralized masternode platform.
Diamond Nodes will offer affordable masternode hosting, in todays world not everyone can rent a vps and type linux commands to start up a masternode. We will take care of the tech aspect of this and you have a piece of mind while earning passive income from your favorite masternode projects!
Diamond Bazaar - A decentralized multivendor marketplace
Diamond Bazaar offers retailers the opportunity to sell their goods and services online for digital currency. We have already inked deals with a gift card supplier and a mobile top up provider. These services will be available for purchase at launch of the Diamond Bazaar!