[ANN] DAGO-MINING: The most Energy-Efficient solution offering Low-Cost mining


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Feb 25, 2018

Our Goal

The objective of DAGO-mining is to bring Mining to be independent of the energy market associated with an extremely efficient use of hardware resources. Our goal is to obtain the maximum profitability possible from the mining sector.

A few things we’re great at

DAGO-Mining is extremely efficient. The choice of independence from the energy market is due to a sure energy price increase that has a strong impact on the mining sector, it is the first source of expenditure of a mine.


Innovation and tradition: we have found a system that, like sunflower, is able to always orient itself perfectly towards the sun to collect maximum energy. It’s easy to use and install, we will have green, renewable and efficient energy for free.


We have the possibility to choose the most efficient components on the market with a higher renewal speed at lower costs. With immersion cooling, the use of renewable energy combined with accumulators makes us independent and highly remunerative.


On the market there are storage systems that allow storing the energy produced in excess by the photovoltaic systems and consume it during the night or when the plant isn’t producing, they are designed to maximize self-consumption, thus increasing the savings on energy costs.


Private Pre-Sale: starts 02/25/2018, ends 03/18/2018
Pre-ICO: starts 03/18/2018, ends 03/25/2018
ICO Period: starts 03/25/2018, ends 04/14/2018
Token Symbol: DAGO
Token Name: Dago

Token Allocation
& Use Of Fund
Founders and Companies: 15%

Investors: 85%
Use of Proceeds
Hardware and Photovoltaic System: 85%
Research and Development: 10%
Start ICO: 5%

Mining and Rental Operation and Reinvestment Strategy

Dago mining will reinvest 40% of mining and rental profits into new hardware technologies, investors will reinvest 10%, to ensure solid profit growth for the benefit of all. In a year we will be completely self-sufficient.

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