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Nov 14, 2017
Crypher "The Biggest Community For Crypto Hunter"


Digital currency is valued as an investment or profitable work by many people, so many newbies still do not know what cryptocurrency is and how to get it. Another problem encountered is the number of scam sites under the pretext of bitcoin investment, for a newbie entering the world of small investment cryptocurrencies with considerable results will be easily fooled by such sites, then their money will be lost within 1 day.

Crypher (Crypto Hunter) is a forum that bridges the seekers of cryptocurrency to discuss tips and tricks in finding cryptocurrency, get to know the crypto hunter from the area, and share sites that can provide profit and blacklist the scam sites so that members and visitors are not stuck with the site. To grow this community to make it bigger and famous we will provide ad slot and install it on the forum, we also have provided token named Crypher, a token erc20-based to be sold to investors.


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Name : CrypherCoin
Symbol : CRYPHER
Decimals : 18
Total Supply : 100,000,000 (100 million coins)
Contract Address : 0xa0e743c37c470ab381cf0e87b6e8f12ef19586fd


6% Forum Development and Maintenance
15% Airdrop
50% Crowdsale
5% Giveaway & Contest Not started yet
7% Bounty
2% Exchange Vote Not started yet
15% Member Reward (1 year)


Airdrop will be implemented 5 times with a span of every 2 weeks calculated from the first airdrop date. Airdrop distribution will be implemented after the sale reaches at least 5.00 ETH.

1st Airdrop 2,000,000 Tokens for 2,500 Participants LIVE NOW
2nd Airdrop 3,000,000 Token for 3,000 Participants
3rd Airdrop 3,000,000 Token for 3,000 Participants
4th Airdrop 3,000,000 Token for 3,000 Participants
5th Airdrop 4,000,000 Token for 2,000 Participants

Join First Airdrop : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQ...g/viewform
Current Number of Participants that have JOIN the First Airdrop : 1688 Participants (at 05:22 PM UTC, 12 NOVEMBER 2017)


Crowdsale will be divided into 2 stages with details :
9 Nov - 17 Nov Rate 0.00000700ETH or 142,857 CRYPHER/ETH LIVE NOW
18 Nov - 30 Nov Rate 0.0000100ETH or 100,000 CRYPHER/ETH

Crowdsale Current Balance : 1.65546838965 Ether (at 05:22 PM UTC, 12 NOVEMBER 2017)

Minimum purchase is 0.01 ETH
Send to : 0xBDCCEb20869A9331D73b61a03Ae3519501608b8c

5% of unsold tokens will be allocated to exchange listing and the rest will be burned.

Reward 360.000 tokens will be given to the first 3 investors who purchase at least 1 ETH, each will get 120.000 tokens.

Crypher Member Reward

1,250,000 tokens will be given monthly to the 500 most active members in the crypher forum based on the number of posts each month. Posts under 75 characters will not be counted. Reward will be distributed for the first time on December 31, 2017 and ending on November 30, 2018

Quick Roadmap

January 2018 list to Exchange
February 2018 Telegram integration for new bounty and airdrop announcements
August 2018 release mobile version of CRYPHER
Maintenance and the addition of features as needed will be done once every 3 months starting in February 2018


You can JOIN CRYPHER Bounty on CRYPHER Telegram Group.
Good Luck


Official Link
Official Website : http://ico.crypher.com/
Telegram Group : https://t.me/cryphergroup
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/crypherChannel
Twitter : https://twitter.com/CrypherCoin