[ANN] CrowdPainting INK Tokens Announcements and Discussion

Nov 8, 2017
Hello everyone,

As CEO of CrowdPainting.com (tm 2014) I would like to announce our ICO that will be taking place as of November 15th 2017.

You can view all details at http://www.crowdpainting.com/ico.php or checkout our working app at http://www.crowdpainting.com.

CrowdPainting is a decentralized social-economic art experiment that aims to become the world’s largest collaborative painting, owned and managed by all of its contributors. It exists since 2014 and already has over 1600 registered users.

The goal of the ICO is to raise funds so that our team can work to integrate it into the blockchain, create a DAO and allow all artists and collaborators to trully own CrowdPainting.

You can checkout our roadmap at http://www.crowdpainting.com/ico.php and read our whitepaper at http://www.crowdpainting.com/CROWDPAINTING WHITEPAPER.pdf

We want our CrowdPainting INK tokens to be highly available for trade and purchase, so that users can easily use CrowdPainting and have bigger control over their tokens/investments.

Being an ERC20/23 compliant token, it will be easy to trade on many Ethereum platforms such as EtherDelta right away. We will also be talking to many other exchanges in order to get the tokens listed and traded with them!

We are a small but dedicated team. Feel free to contact us by email or any other means, and to post any questions, doubts, suggestions and criticisms - we will be glad to hear and answer them!

Best regards,
Alexandre Sallum