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Feb 4, 2018
ICO Crowdfunding Platform – The Main Sale Starts on the 12th February.

What is CrowdCoinage?

CrowdCoinage is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for ICO Campaigns. CrowdCoinage’s goal is to provide a complete solution to start and fund a business from anywhere in the world in a decentralized environment for free.

The platform is going to be built on top of the blockchain with the primary focus on security. We all know how largely unregulated cryptocurrency investment landscape is littered with dozens of fraudulent ventures. At CrowdCoinage we are planning to fix that.

Only the community decides whether the project is legit. If after the token sale they do not fulfill their promises the funds won’t be released. Moreover, the e-Residency program can be used for quicker KYC and security identification of the project.

Each project can conduct their token sales for free. At the same time if the startup needs extra help – it can access the marketplace with different services.

CrowdCoinage is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is a technology-driven country – the birthplace of technology heavyweights like Skype. Setting high goals and achieving them is a part of Estonians’ DNA and there is no exception for CrowdCoinage either.


Built entirely on blockchain.
CrowdCoinage ICO platform will be almost entirely built on top of the blockchain, only the very necessary servers or services will be used outside of the blockchain. For example, personal data will be kept separated so that users can ask for its complete deletion. It will be required by the upcoming GDPR regulation and by media and communication. Other than that, all the functions, votes and transactions on the CrowdCoinage ICO platform will be set up in decentralized way. Frontend is going to consist of web and mobile apps with a simple UI that interacts with the blockchain via lightweight API.

Community & investors decide.
Community has an important part in the cryptocurrency/blockchain world and CrowdCoinage would like to continue that tradition. All projects that have been submitted for their ICOs using the CrowdCoinage platform must first and foremost achieve the community’s trust and approval. All projects must build their community of supporters like any other project that would launch an ICO outside of the CrowdCoinage platform. All community members can express their support by casting a vote into the blockchain and when the project has received enough votes it can move on to the next phase – the token sale. After the project has received community’s support and positive feedback, it will be more probable that they will conduct a successful token sale and raise a lot of cryptofunds. After the token sale project has automatically received funds needed for the first milestone on their roadmap, the rest of the amount raised will be held by a smart contract until the project will be ready for the next milestone. Investors can vote to decide whether the project’s team has fulfilled their promises and on the positive vote, funds will be released for the next milestone.

Network fee is the only cost.
We will keep the basic plan free for all users. Our policy is that all projects, no matter how big or small, should be able to conduct their token sales and would not need to worry about expenses because CrowdCoinage will not add any hidden fees to token sales. Projects can always purchase some extra featured functions and services, for example marketing and legal plans, as a paid options if they have a need for such services.

Services and professionals.
The marketplace is meant both for companies and professionals offering their services. For example, professionals with special skillsets can submit their applications to the CrowdCoinage job market. They would like to join awesome startups but have not found matching challenges yet. After setting up their profile, they can wait for startups to make an offer that a job seeker cannot refuse or they can also apply for vacant positions announced by startups.

There are literally hundreds of third party services that are somehow related to ICOs. For example copywriters for whitepapers; community managers for various social media channels like Reddit, BitcoinTalk and Telegram; editors and managers for videos, PR and news channels; marketing specialists; legal counseling, etc. All the services that startups need in order to set up a successful ICO will be only a couple mouse clicks away on the CrowdCoinage ICO platform.

EU companies & identification!
Thanks to this unique program, startups from anywhere in the world can set up a company in Estonia and conduct their ICOs via CrowdCoinage’s platform. Later this year e-residency application process will be implemented into our platform for improved user experience. The ID card provided by the e-residency program can be used for example for quicker KYC and secure identification needed to move funds from one wallet to another.

Here's a Quick Overview of Our Development Stack
Our backend is powered by NodeJS and the data is stored by MongoDB. Docker containers are helping us to improve the development and deployment cycles. We are using websockets where applicable as we are aiming for real-time experience. To filter out any bugs in our codebase, we are using Mocha automated unit tests and manpower to make sure everything works.

VueJS is our main framework of choice for frontend which is coupled with the latest technologies such as: ES6, Webpack, Babel, SSR, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3 etc. SSR (server-side rendering) boosts our application’s initial loading time which means the users can interact with the application quicker.

Sentry gives our customers the best possible user experience by monitoring crashes in real-time which boosts our platform efficiency. Implementing Hotjar enables us to get even better insights of our userbase.

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