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Apr 30, 2016

CoinMetro is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with XCM tokens.

1% of all raised tokens (max. 5M) will be allocated to the Bounty Program.

The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

General Bounty distribution: [/size]

Please check your participation in this spreadsheet

GENERAL RULE: All bounty participants have to join Coin Metro's official Telegram group

Stakes will be paid depending on followers (at the start of the campaign).

250-749 followers: 1 stake per retweet

750-1499 followers: 2 stake per retweet

1500-9999 followers: 4 stake per retweet

10,000+ followers: 6 stake per retweet

Minimum 3 retweets per week
Maximum 4 retweets per day, and 20 retweets per week

1. Follow Coin Metro on Twitter
2. Register with this form
3. Register your retweets every week in the thread (latest within the next week) with this format:

<list of tweets/retweets>

1. You must have Jr. Member or higher rank in Bitcointalk
2. Tweets/retweets must have at least 2 of these hashtags: #Crypto #Blockchain #ICO #Profit #invest #Crowdfunding #CoinMetro
3. Your twitter audit (https://www.twitteraudit.com/) score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
4. Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign

This bounty consists of two tasks:
1. Translation of ANN+bounty thread
2. Translation of Whitepaper to the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish
3. Translation of Website to the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish
4. Creation and moderation of local Telegram/Wechat/Kakaochat groups

Stakes earned will depend on the activity in the thread and the number of members in the Telegram/Wechat/Kakaochat group.

Translation of pinned message from main group: 5 stakes + 2 stake/member at the end of campaign
ANN+bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 Stakes per valid post
Whitepaper translation: 200 stakes

1. Send an email to bounty@amazix.com with the following details:
- Native language
- Part of bounty you apply for (ANN/WP/Telegram)
- Translation/moderation experience (if any)
- Bitcointalk username
- ERC-20 wallet address
2. After being accepted and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated thread or whitepaper

1. Participants are required to keep the local thread and Telegram groups alive by posting and translating regular updates, news or any important announcements. A single post thread will be rejected.
2. Automatic (Google or similar) translations or translations with low quality will be rejected.
3. Unnecessary or repeated posts shall be rejected for stake counting
4. Only posts written by the OP will count

Signing campaign only by Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2542394.0

Spread the word with your original content and earn tokens by:
-Blogging about CoinMetro,
-promoting it in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach
-creating YouTube videos (including interviews)

35% of the allocation (0.105% of raised tokens) will be reserved for invite-only VIP content creators.

Stakes earned depending on quality (decided by AmaZix/RED after review):

Rejected: 0 stakes
Low: 1 stake
Medium: 2 stakes
High: 3 stakes
(per post/video)

Reposting on another (relevant) site will earn an extra 50% of stakes (one repost per article allowed)


1. Complete and submit the following form (once your videos are uploaded or your articles are posted): https://goo.gl/forms/1EDPNPrlWEI47nRV2
2. Post a link to your article/video here

1. The blog/forum must be focused on a relevant topic (at the sole discretion of Amazix/CoinMetro)
2. Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words.
3. Blogs/forums/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted (at the sole discretion of Amazix/CoinMetro). Please contact me first to check. NOTE: ANY NON-PREAPPROVED ARTICLE/VIDEO CREATED IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED (0 STAKES AWARDED)
4. Videos have to be meaningful and related to CoinMetro: the Token Sale, aspects of the Whitepaper, Forex, financial markets, related technology, etc.
5. All articles must contain links to CoinMetro’s website, the Telegram group and the ANN/Bounty threads
6. Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified
7. Only original content will be accepted
8. Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forum’s administration will not count.

Stakes will be paid depending on friends/followers.

100-500 Followers/Friends: 1 stake per share+like.
500-1500 Followers/Friends: 2 stake per share+like.
1500-3000 Followers/Friends: 4 stake per share+like.
3000 Plus Followers/Friends: 6 stake per share+like.

Minimum 3 shares/likes per week
Maximum 4 shares/likes per day, and 20 shares/likes per week

1. Follow and like Coin Metro Facebook page
2. Fill and submit this form
3. Register your shares every week in the forum with this format:

<list of shares>

1. Participants must share and like CoinMetro’s posts
2. Accounts with fake friends/followers will be disqualified
3. Friends/followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign
4. All shared articles must also be liked
5. Please DO NOT post rubbish comments, it is neither necessary nor wanted

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and upvote our videos

1 stake per subscriber


1. Subscribe to CoinMetro’s Youtube channel and upvote all videos


2. Fill and submit this form: https://goo.gl/forms/3U0MKgTyXpsPbaOU2


5% of tokens are reserved for bounty participants who go the extra mile and make a special effort to promote our Token Sale. These tokens will be assigned at the sole discretion of AmaZix/CoinMetro (so we won’t accept any objections to how they are distributed).

Some activities that could be worthy of these tokens are:
Content with an especially high quality or outreach
Opening new channels for the promotion of the sale
Above average activity in Telegram groups or ANN threads

Spread the word in your Telegram group about Coin Metro and earn some tokens

100-249 Members: 1 stake/post
250-749 Members: 2 stakes/post
750-2499 Members: 4 stakes/post
2500+ Members: 6 stakes/post

1. Submit this form: https://goo.gl/forms/JvXvt8UYADWvHJJx2
2. Invite @Aerys2 to the group
3. Once approved you will receive a pitch to post in the group
4. Upload the screenshot (using imgur, postimage or similar) and report it in the thread with this format:

Link to Telegram post

1. A maximum of 1 post per week is allowed in each group
2. Groups with fake members (invited without permission) will be disqualified


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Apr 30, 2016
CoinMetro is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world. If you don't believe me, read a couple of reviews that detail what CoinMetro is focused on achieving:



CoinMetro is better than Ethos and might even be bigger than Coinbase one day.

If that helped your decision, please use the link below and on your initial purchase, you will get a 2.5% bonus.



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Apr 30, 2016
The Tokenized Exchange Platform built by traders to simplify crypto!
Introducing the COIN (XCM) token; a unique digital asset that powers CoinMetro, a one-size-fits-all fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation.

What is CoinMetro?

CoinMetro is a one-of-a-kind investing platform that will utilize a tokenized ecosystem to service both professional traders and investors as well as, crypto novices who are interested in joining the market. CoinMetro will also issue their own Coin Metro debit cards that will provide instant cash withdrawals across millions of ATMs around the world. The platform will offer instant fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat deposits and withdrawals. In addition to the exchange platform, CoinMetro also sports investing services found in traditional finance markets. Investors can purchase ECTFs (Electronically Traded Crypto Funds) similar to ETFs where they can invest in “baskets” of digital assets based on criteria like riskiness of assets and the industry an asset is in. Users will also be able to earn returns by investing in Tokenized Asset Management baskets. Token Asset Management is a successful managed account model that was created by FXPIG which would partner a user with a pro trader to grow their portfolio. All in all, the goal for CoinMetro, is to ensure an easy, user friendly one stop platform for investors.

From https://medium.com/@cryptojudgement/coinmetro-one-stop-crypto-investing-and-exchange-platform-c848382fa15b


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Apr 30, 2016
CoinMetro Partners with Industry-Leading Advisors and the World’s First Blockchain PR Company

Seeing the value in an advisor or partnership can often be a difficult area to understand, unless we see a particularly reputable name who appears as more of a ‘celebrity endorsement’ it’s hard to tell where the actual value of the advisor or partnership comes from.



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Apr 30, 2016

CoinMetro Token Sale Extension Announcement

The CoinMetro Team has decided to extend our Token Sale. Instead of ending on March 23rd, the Token Sale will now conclude on March 31st.

We collectively came to this decision based on a few factors; First and foremost, a lot of people from within the CoinMetro community requested a little more time to contribute. Particularly in light of the recent correction in the crypto market at large, we felt this made sense.