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kaleb arthur

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May 21, 2018
Do you have an interest in cryptocurrency? How does helping a cause through donations and gaining a substantial profit sound?

Hi my name is Kaleb Arthur, i am business management graduate and currently involved in a project that allows an individual to donate to causes that they believe in and gain a profit as well. Causevest is producing their own cryptocurrency also known as XCV. This essentially is very unique type of cryptocurrency as it enables you to make a profit through our decentralized blockchain protocol and help people and causes around the world, with the assurance of our audit trailing. This tool allows us to track and monitor where your proceeds (coins) are going to.

Contribute to a cause that is very important to you, make a change for the future? There are not many altruism individuals and it would be great to see more people helping.

For more information, please check out our website https://causevest.io
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May 24, 2018
I am sorry. I don't like your business model. I will make donations and i will get some profit from it. I don't like the sound of it. It seems very selfish and unethical. Please review your approach towards it. Donations should be made just to help people.

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Jun 21, 2018
Dear Hasike,

I apologies if there was any confusion but i would like to explain a little bit more about the Causevest network.

I don't like your business model.
I am sorry. ( What specifically about it don't you like ?)

Causvest is not a business its a crypto currency network and a form of money. Once the protocol is built the nodes run the coins circulate and redistribute transaction fees to good causes thats it.

Would you describe bitcoin as a business ?

I will make donations and i will get some profit from it
. Charities are actually businesses many seem altruistic and ethical but in fact they are not. The problem is most people shy away from this reality and give their donations to charities which ultimately have a limited impact. In fact if you do a bit of research you will find that most of the money given to charities stays inside investment funds.

I don't like the sound of it.
( sorry to hear that)

It seems very selfish and unethical.
Fancy explaining why its selfish to give the funds that normally go to miners to good causes ? Why is it ok for massive multi millionaire miners to make money from network transaction fees but when we want to redistribute those funds to charitable or good causes it's selfish?

The fact is by creating our own coin we can decide who is rewarded for using our network and we have decided that these rewards should go to altruistic people who want to help others instead of just rich people who can afford million dollar mining hardware.

Please review your approach towards it.
( Any suggestions what do you like the sound of ?)

Donations should be made just to help people.
( This is the problem its lazy. Like throwing money at a beggar on the street. You make no effort to actually do anything more then throw money at a problem and close your eyes. Our focus is sustainable giving though our network so we can ensure that we actually have a positive impact.

Also you highlight another problem that we have solved what about people who wouldn't normally donate to others?

How can we encourage them to actually want to help and give to others as well? This is why we created Causevest to encourage more people to give. Yes some get rewarded but it's sustainable.

I don't mean to have a go at you but we have worked very hard on this with no funding and just a passion to have a meaningful impact so to hear you attack it with so little justification is sad. If you have the time fill out our survey and use the coins yourself once the protocol is finished being built.

In the future I believe all coins will be like ours. If you have any further questions let us know or click the image above to fill out our questionnaire and tell us a bit more.


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Little P 1

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Jun 21, 2018

Given the chance to empower the people you love would you take it?

Causevest Coin (XCV) is built for people like you 8)​

• Causevest Coin (XCV) is a new cryptocurrency, wallet, platform and ecosystem built on a Participatory budgeting blockchain where coin holders vote to decide which good causes should receive the networks transaction fees.

• We are a team of old school crypto enthusiasts building a blockchain protocol that incorporates some of the original ideas suggested by the bitcoin development team but never implemented.

• We are currently raising funds through a ERC20 - XCV token to pay primarily for protocol development. Whether you are interested in helping others, making an investment return or both, we invite you to join our Cause.

We will empower the new wave of socially conscious cryptocurrency investors.

**Only 25% of the XCV coins are available at the soft cap price of 0.016p rising to 0.1p afterwards** Early investors always get the best returns.

**Buying XCV Coins now gives you a 35% Bonus until August** This bonus will decline periodically to 30%,25% ,15% then finally 0% so buy now before the bonus offer ends.

**XCV Coin holders can profit quickly**We will be buying XCV back from investors with our network profits to make donations to causes on our platform this gives you an early investment return. XCV coin holders can also profit by running archive master nodes passively or protecting the network as an operator in all cases you need XCV check out the operator profitability calculators our website.

Learn more about Causevest on our FAQ page or join one of our weekly QnA sessions

We want you grow rich. We want you to generate wealth and redistribute some of it across the causes on our network.

When you buy XCV coin you are immediately having a positive impact on the causes listed on our network. We believe in disruptive altruism, that is nudging people to do more to help others without them realising it or even wanting to.​

The Ideology behind Causevest "extract from our White paper:"

Our financial system was designed to reallocate resources from areas of saturation, for profit and to the benefit of a few individuals at the top of society it then relies on these individuals to re allocate capital efficiently across the economy. Causevest was created to change this by, supporting our network we can help good causes globally, allocating resources to places to help societies from the bottom up.

Some XCV Coin Features

• XCV utilises a powerful dual-node architecture that maximises decentralisation and is a much cheaper method of storing the world’s audit data than other chains.

• A new protocol - POC solves numerous issues one of which is lowering the barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency income generation, for people who own XCV to earn and generate new coins. Our protocol rewards work done to protect the networks integrity via a mechanism known as “Proof of Cause”

• Inbuilt security features provided on the protocol layer greatly improve the security of the network and make it easier for the average person to secure their assets.

• An independent chain means full control of where the transaction fees go, which allows us to have a bigger impact on causes our network users support.

• We provide clear, easy-to-digest, public audit trails that charities and other donation platforms can connect to. Anyone can use the protocol as a base layer to build new applications.

• Like savings in a bank account, users can generate income in XCV by running nodes or by working to maintain the network in order to earn ‘Proof of Cause’ rewards.

Causevest Coin Fund Raise

As you can see most of the funds raised are split between development for our open source software and capital into the Sustainable Giving pot.​

Everything raised after the medium cap goes directly to the foundation helping to create a sustainable cycle of giving boosting the value of our coin. Currently the foundation is pre seeded with capital from our founders but with your help we can make it bigger.

Join the community

Our community is growing and as we educate more people about Causevest it will continue to grow. As we increase marketing, attend shows, distribute our platform and make donations the community will grow but it's the early adopters who buy into our ideology that we are looking for here. We want to prove that you can make money and help others at the same time. We need people like you with a passion and desire to join our cause.


I am privileged to be part of a hard working and dedicated team full of people from around the world. Many of us met through bitcointalk years ago. Our team is made of over 30 volunteers including developers, marketers, traders & operators in the community. Some of our core team members include Mr Walhalla ( Technical blockchain developer) , Mr F (Platform Strategy) and Mr O ( Structural Architect). As actual blockchain practitioners many of us prefer to stay anonymous you can speak to us directly via our social media community links.


"I have dedicated the past years of my life to the development and education of people around cryptocurrencies starting back at Coventry University many years ago. But one thing has always interested me people often believe that they don't have the power to make a difference and my question is why? With your help we can transform money into a scalable and powerful force for good where people see that they can have a powerful impact effortlessly. Thank you!" . Mr O



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Feb 11, 2019
Hi everyone,

On behalf of XCV coin, I have an update about our progress.

We are close to finishing our platform and will need people to get involved for a closed beta test in March. Join our telegram if you're interested you will be rewarded https://t.me/joinchat/FuQGSRJkhCx3gEdlupYL9g

Our new XCV coin site is also finally being finished up and it looks fantastic. Also, our protocol development for 2019 has now started again.

We will be starting to do a big marketing and fundraising effort later in the year and we’re currently looking for volunteers that can join us on our journey to wrestle back control of network transaction fees and change the face of altruism around the world.

Join our telegram for updates and receive codes to revive XCV before we start pushing our marketing.

For more information, don’t hesitate to send me a dm.

Kind Regards,