[ANN] Castle- X11 PoW/PoS, High APR


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Nov 25, 2017

Castle is a decentralised crypto platform where users automatically receive airdrops from our partners - simply for holding our coins. It can be problematic for up-and-coming crypto currencies to find initial users to accept and download their crypto coin wallets and operate nodes on the new crypto coin network. Usually, new crypto-coin teams find new users through BitcoinTalk, and other forums, where they ask their users to add their banners in their profile and have them send a message with the address they want the airdrop to be sent to. We provide a platform where, every person who is launching a coin, can decide the requirements for our users to receive the airdrop, we will automate the entire process for them. That simple, additionally, for our investors we offer a 100% per year staking reward, plus any airdrops you may receive from keeping your coins.

We are planning on creating a platform, where users and developers can coexist and benefit from each other in seamless way and without any hassle whatsoever.

White paper projectcastle.tech/White_Paper.pdf
Mac Wallet projectcastle.tech/index.html#wallets
Windows Wallet [URL='http://projectcastle.tech/castle.zip']http://projectcastle.tech/castle.zip[/URL]

Coin Name: CASTLE
Block Reward: 8
Max Coins: 200 million
Premine: 5 million
Proof of Work: 200,000 Blocks Max
Proof of Stake: (annual) 100%
Maturity: 6 hours
Block time: 1 minute (1,440 blocks per day)
Confirmations: 30

Premine Allocation
Out of the 5 million coins that have been premised 2.5 are meant to go to Ree-Coin holders in the form on an airdrop. This airdrop has already started and there is no possibility for anyone new to join, This decision was made to help a community that had been scammed out of its money to get back on their feet. The remaining 2.5 million coins are assigned to the developers a 25% of the 2.5M will be reserved as a development fund, and the rest will go to pay the developers for their work up until now and in the future.
The dev fund wallet which conform a 25% of our pre-mine will never be staking.
The team will only receive a percentage of the pre-mine that corresponds to them. we will determine this % by looking at the 10th wallet in the rich list. for example:
If a team member is to receive 100k castle coins, and the wallet in position 10 at time of airdrop holds 10k, then that team member would receive only 10% of their premine coin to match. Then that team member will receive the rest of their coin, over time in % gains so that they still are fully compensated, however, to not unbalance the rich list unfairly

Exchanges: https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-CSTL.htm
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Castle_CSTL

Discord: https://discord.gg/qxBSs6z

Website: projectcastle.tech

Telegram: https://t.me/castle_cstl


BOUNTY PROGRAMME https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zA7oYp7raUHS2Kz3rm4PiYnXixOgS1pJDV3fjucAiDk/edit

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