[ANN] ByteBet project: Peer-to-peer, community-driven betting platform on Ethereum


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Aug 11, 2017
We have been working on this project for a while and would love to get some constructive feedback before we start any fundraising.

Our intention is to use your suggestions and comments from this thread and address them in our whitepaper.

About ByteBet

ByteBet is a peer-to-peer, community-driven betting platform which allows players from anywhere in the world to create customized bets and play against each other.


In the original gambling model, players bet against the house where a high house edge is applied on every single bet the players make. In the old school betting model, bets can be easily manipulated and pay-outs can be delayed. The middleman’s intention is to make sure players lose as much money as possible.

Using blockchain technology, ByteBet lowers betting fees. This leaves more money for the players, providing a transparent betting environment. ByteBet eliminates the middleman, creating a fair betting platform where a portion of fees is shared with the community.

  • Low betting fees: by using blockchain technology fees can be decreased, leaving more money for the players.
  • Reward system: a significant portion of the fees will be shared between members who took part in the event validation. Also, every ByteBet token holder receives a portion from the fees.
  • Peer-to-peer: players bet against each other, not against the house.
  • Customizable bets: players can create their own fully-customized bets and publish them on the platform.

How it works

A more detailed technical description of the process will be available in the whitepaper.


An updated roadmap will be published after the main token sale.

About ByteBet token (it’s not just for gamblers!)

ByteBet tokens are used by players to take part in games on the platform. Members who take part in verifying events receive a portion from the fees. Holding ByteBet tokens also entitles players to receive a share from the fees depending on their stake. Conditions regarding the tokens will be announced soon in the whitepaper. Subscribe to our newsletter for further updates: https://byte.bet/

About the core team

Zoltan Molnar

Mathematics and big data enthusiast possessing 5 years’ experience with DevOps technologies. Zoltan was the CTO of an investor-backed startup for 3 years, and now works as a Consultant developer.

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zmolnar/

Tamas Torok

Tamas has been working in the tech sector for 4 years. He oversees the full marketing operation of startup companies, and is responsible for driving growth. He successfully self-published two books on Amazon and has guest written for leading online marketing blogs.

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toroktomi/

The core team have been working together for more than 3 years. The ByteBet team consists of freelancers who are helping us with design and development related activities.

Bounty/Referral program

As part of our promotion plan during the ICO, a referral campaign will be launched. This will allow users to invite others to take part in the ICO for a small reward. Further bug hunter, translation and other bounties will be announced in the next weeks. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about the upcoming bounty programs. https://byte.bet/

The product itself is focused on the community, and in product development we want to follow the same principles. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions about the project.