[ANN] BitCoen-The first Kosher/Jewish Crypto-token and blockchain ecosystem


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Nov 20, 2017

Blockchain in the basis of the project

BitCoen is based on Limited Confidence Confirmation Proof-of-Activity (LCPoA) and a trusted node system (Thrusted Nodes) to speed up the network. It is also planned to create a BitCoen compatibility layer with the ERC20 standard, for easy integration with exchanges.

The choice of blockchain is justified by the characteristics of this system, which exceeds the analogs for a number of characteristics:

Bitcoen blockchain features:

- LCPoA blockchain algorithm that reliably protects the network from spam and false transactions, while it does not require large expenditures of computing resources;

- lack of mining in the system;

- transactions within the platform network - are free;

- high network speed (up to 25,000 transactions per second)

Scheme of the Bitcoen transactional system:

Thrusted Nodes are nodes that work with the keys that released at the launch of the blockchain network, and used to speed up transactions by the absence of distributed consensus.

Proof-of-Activity Fallback Consensus - a standby system of consensus in the network. Completely decentralized, and allows the network to continue to work if Thrusted Nodes are not available within 24 hours.

For distributed consensus, the time-dependent LCPoA is used.

Bitcoen Token

BitCoen plans to release only 100,000,000 tokens.

Emission of tokens occurs once, at the launch of the network, and is distributed among the participants according to the distribution scheme indicated in this White Paper. Additional emission is not expected.

Token Sale Start at 28 November on: www.BitCoen.io PRICE: 1 BitCoen = 1$

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