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Jun 22, 2018
We have created blockchain-based market place of people's digital activities

“Make everything you do online count”

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Why Invest in beTOK

User Empowerment Toolkit
Allowing every individual to collect, manage and use their data in a simple, secure and 100% GDPR compliant way.

Blockchain-Based Market Place of Digital Activities
This allows users to monetize any single engagement activity based on quality matching between their profile and advertisers’ targeting criteria. The solution proposed is based on the principle that any interaction between people and advertiser is “hosted” by a publisher.

User Empowered
With fully secure data control and 100% privacy respect toolkit. The result? Better-informed, more engaged users with more control over their online experience.

Fraud-Free System
Guaranteeing real, effective connections between advertisers and people.

In advertising budget allocation towards people and publishers.

High R.O.I for any player
Users monetize their digital engagement in activities proposed by advertisers; publishers open a new revenues stream; advertisers are satisfied by better “converting” campaigns.

Value for Tokens Owners

Value for ICO tokens buyers
  • beTOK platform will be a peer-to-peer platform empowering users to unlock the potential of their digital activities and data.
  • stands at monetization of digital activities and personal data as Airbnb stands at monetization of private rooms and flats.
  • Imagine which value would have an Airbnb crypto currency if this company had issued a token few years ago. Now you see the potential of beTOK.
  • As far as they own BTK, ICO tokens buyers will be part of an exclusive “club” accessing special and exclusive conditions such as specific BTK Air Drops and specific offers of products and services in the Marketplace.
Value for tokens users
  • beTOK will play a fundamental role for users empowered by beTOK services to monetize their digital activities and personal data.​
  • In general terms, users will have strong reasons to own BTK because it will represent an effective way to monetize their engagement in digital activities strongly related to their areas of interest.
  • Users will receive BTK according to their conscious decisions in full respect of GDPR principles.
  • By being registered in beTOK platform, users will access all major profiling and data management services (i.e. Tool Kit) as well as they will be able to participate to Advertising Campaign pay-out.
  • To encourage a large-scaled adoption of BTK, the beTOK platform will give BTK to each user at the moment of the registration to any Toolkit products or services available on the beTOK platform.
  • Through this airdrop, users will be immediately exposed to the potential of an economy based on their digital activities and data.
  • BTK users will have access at any moment to the special market place created and available on the beTOK platform, a market place featured by “private sales”, power-hours offers an a growing participation of partners for products and services.
Value for Advertisers
The advertisers are enabled to adopt a unique advertising platform strongly based on:
  • The high-quality matching of the campaigns targeting criteria with the profile of the user.
  • The “consensus” of the users.
  • The transparency of the budget allocation.
These are major solutions to string inefficiencies of the digital advertising eco-system created in the last 15 years by big internet corporations and advertising players.

Value for Publisher
  • We can consider “publishers” even physical spaces, meaning that digital interactions between users and advertisers in a restaurant, in a bar or in a music hall will generate opportunities for the locations’ owners because they will be considered as “hosting” space.
  • Publishers will have the opportunity to engage users in a very consistent way according to their scopes, the editorial guidelines and generally speaking the “story telling” of their digital “location”.
  • By hosting engagement campaigns between profiled users matching with advertisers’ targeting criteria, publishers become the main partners of beTOK system: they have a clear opportunity to add a revenue stream.
The goal of the tokens distribution during the ICO are:
  • Rewarding crypto experts through bounty programs.
  • Boosting the discovery of the beTOK platform through bonus systems such as airdrops and create awareness of the beTOK platform
  • Engage partners, like publishers, in the innovative user-centric data control and advertising approach
  • Set the reserve for end-users adoption and for long term development of BeTOK economy.
Detail ICO

Name : beTOK
Symbol : BTK
Type : Utility token

Maximum Supply : 1.500.000.000

For sale : 39.5%
Price : 1 ETH = 18.000 BTK
Accepted crypto currencies : ETH
ICO from : September 27th 2018

to : October 30th 2018
Soft cap : 1.800 ETH
Hard Cap : 16.500 ETH

Website/ Whitepaper | Telegram | BitcoinTalk | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Medium

Please read carefully to educate yourself and happy investing folks!
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