[ANN] Arcus Coin - The first decentralized e-commerce


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Mar 23, 2018
Arcus coin - The First Decentralized E-Commerce

What is Arcus ?
Arcus coin is a digital currency based on Ethereum technologies and blockchain with the standard ERC20 smart contracts platform.Arcus is a decentralized e-commerce platform focusing on alleviating unnecessary transaction and service fees.
Arcus will run custom blockchain operations that will provide optimal services and financial incentives for Arcus Coin Holders. Arcus will be the first of it’s kind to be runned by a universal democratic system that lets Arcus Coin holders decide the direction and fate of the company.
Arcus will be the first to utilize cryptocurrency as its form of payments where users can send money back and forth without any intermediary stepping in and taking cuts of your money. Unlike other ecommerce sites.Definitely, changing the ecommerce industry and business structure as a whole with the technological advantages that blockchain technology provides. Arcus will associate a multi-signature escrow technique involving insurance deposits but also make use of media (photos/videos) when goods are shipped to resolve cases of fraudulent behavior.
We aim to be a fully transparent democratic company that gets rid of traditional business standards and revamp howgoods are purchased. Thus, bringing in a new model that is fair to everyone and that changes the world for the better.

Coin Specifications
A total supply of 80,000,000 ERC20 compliant Arcus tokens (ASC) will be created. Tokens are created with an ERC20 token smart contract.
Coin Name:Arcus
Decimal Places:8
Total Supply:80.000.000 ASC
First 8,000 Participants will get 100 ASC each for free.You need to follow a few easy steps which include joining our Telegram & Twitter. Please fill in the airdrop form.
Note : You must stay until the end of our Main Sale.Airdrop Token distribution is after Main Sale.


• Translation Bounty Campaign !
• Translation of main ANN thread: 500 ASC !
• Translation of Whitepaper: 600 ASC !
• Translation of official Website: 700 ASC !
• Translations should represent original work, Participants who use translation tools will be blacklisted. !
• Translator can take 4 days to deliver us his translation after reservation. After this days, if you'll not deliver us your translation, you'll be disqualified.!
• Translation: Russian,Indonesian(kamvreto - reserved),German,Turkish,Japanese,Chinese(alicee - reserved),Italian(birdie_ale-reserved),Polish,Korean,Arabic(sayedtaha - reserved),French(luckydoky - reserved),Vietnamese(xilatleo - reserved) ,Philippines (xPotato - reserved)
•To Reserve a translation you should send to us a E-mail (info@arcuscoin.org) with your ETH address.

• Video Campaign (Youtube, other video sharing platforms) !
• This campaign rewards vloggers, video producers and visual content experts who spread the word about the Arcus project. !
• Per video: 150 ASC | Longer than 5 minutes = +200 ASC
• Videos must be at least 2 min long.
• Videos must not be negative or offensive.
• Videos must get a minimum of 100 views.
•To join a this campaign you should send to us a E-mail (info@arcuscoin.org) with your video and ETH address.

Articles/Reviews (Reddit,Steemit,Medium,personal Blogs,Quora and other website)
• This campaign will reward you for your content creating skills. You can share your article across multiple platforms including your own blog. You will receive larger stakes for certain platforms as well as word count.
• Per Article: 120 ASC
• The blog/post/article must not be offensive or negative
• The content must link to the Arcus website
• The content must be created by you, not copied or plagiarised.
•To join a this campaign you should send to us a E-mail (info@arcuscoin.org) with your article and ETH address.

Contact E-mail : info@arcuscoin.org