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Jun 12, 2018
If you are professional investor and are looking for the next big crypto opportunity consider the Anti-derivative token.

We aim at the biggest market in existence – it is worth the whooping $ 500 trillion; and we need to capture just 0.007% of it to get 10 000% return on investment. Sounds interesting? Give us 2 minutes to explain, because it is complicated.

[The Case]

Financial derivatives are industrial insurances. Companies use them to lock exchange rates, commodities prices, interest or to transfer other risks. Though the financial derivatives are extremely diverse in nature they all face one and the same challenge, due to a regulatory change enacted across the G-20. In a resolution the derivative holders were moved from first to fifth place. This seemingly small change has huge ramifications.

Should a financial crisis come about and a bank finds itself in trouble someone will need to take the loss. The banking and clearing industries fractional reserves are almost certain to be insufficient, so someone else needs to be pushed under the big red bus. The G-20 preferred option are derivative holders, e.g. all the businesses that purchased insurances from the banks.

If you are a derivative holder during a financial crisis the law makes your contract unenforceable. The bank still owes you money, but the courts will refuse to compel it to pay up. This goes for all collateral classes – money, shares, moveable or immovable property. However, if the collateral moves itself the unenforceability of the contract will be inconsequential. And we are getting there – a smart contract on the blockchain.

[The Solution]

So the owners of $500 trillion worth of insurance claims are set on collision course with big loses thanks to a helpful regulatory hand. If the derivative holders want to see their dues they need to get out of the resolution mechanism and the only technical way to do this is to use smart contracts.

However a very special token is required to meet the specific needs of this market. So please meet the solution – our Anti-derivative token.

It is specially designed to do one task only – to be a new type of collateral. If a derivative contract uses us as a backstop should the bank fail to pay up the corresponding number of tokens will automatically move to the account of the derivative holder.

[The Benefits]

Probably by this point you understand what are the benefits for the derivative holders. But you wonder why would banks use the token. The answer is surprisingly simple – competition. The largest financial market in existence is extremely lucrative and the large banks have cornered much of it. Small and medium financial institutions have little to offer derivative holders. That is unless they offer complete certainty using innovative collateral that is liquid and will stay on their books until the very last moment.

Small and medium institutions have clear incentive to purchase our token in order to lure profitable clients away from the competition. The said clients have clear incentive to secure themselves against regulatory and financial risks in a market worth $500 trillion.

And here is the moment where we will sketch some of the functionalities of the Anti-derivative token. It is transparent as the users will be identifiable. It will guarantee payment by blocking tokens until the end of the smart contract. It will have Price Stability Mechanism that will smoothen the volatility by moderating the supply-demand dynamics; a very useful feature to ensure liquidity of the asset. It will be evolutionary and will change every 5 years.

[The Market]

We are looking for financing to make the Token a reality and market it to financial institutions and derivative holders.

There is a hard cap of 50 bn tokens. 80% of them will be allocated to the Price Stability Mechanism, 10% will be payment to the founders, the team and for other expenses. 5 bn. tokens are available to qualified investors at a price of $0.01 to allow for development, marketing and pre-loading of the Stability Mechanism. The Price Stability Mechanism will start selling tokens at $0.02 and its last support level (discharge of all tokens) is at $3.00.

With market size of 500 trillion we need to capture just over 0.007% of the market to reach price of $1.00. We are firmly convinced that reaching this market penetration for a product that provides unique benefits to its users is very much reachable.

Should you be interested, please visit our website (www.antiderivativetoken.com ) or contact us.


The AntiDerivative Pre-token is created to raise financing for innovative fusion between crypto and modern finance. It is new collateral ensuring full payment security.