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Mar 26, 2018
Salutations! We, a team of the GINEX project, invite you to take part in the first ICO international exchange of gaming facilities!

GINEX is an international Internet exchange of gaming facilities enabling the gamers (users) and vendors (game manufacturers) to sell on the global market their gaming products, accounts, currencies and bonuses. The convenience and functionality are the basis of GINEX. The vendors’ simple access to the market, the easy entry and withdrawal of moneys, convenient purchasing, safe transactions and reliable account protection, a vast number of gaming systems and multiple language support, such are by far incomplete merits of the proposed system. GINEX will become the first international exchange supplying the gaming facilities and currencies as commodities that form the basis of market relations between the users and the vendors.

Today, a prototype of the international Internet exchange of gaming facilities has been created and intellectual property right obtained.


· Sale of gaming currency

· Sale of gaming facilities

· Sale of gaming bonuses

· Sale of games

· Acquiring

· Promotion and advertizing

· Sale and withdrawal of moneys from fiat gaming accounts

· Purchase and sale of gaming systems’ and projects’ tokens


· GINEX is the first and sole international exchange of gaming facilities.

· GINEX is a geographically expansive structure that covers the USA, the UK, China, India, Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Mexico and other countries.

· GINEX ensures user and transaction safety.

· Token holders will get up to 50% of the quarterly distributed profits.

· You can sell the purchased GNX tokens at the crypto currency exchange, the access to which is due to be opened in the 1st quarter of 2019.


Token name: GNX

What is the token? The GNX token is a proof of participation in the project. It entitles to distribution of profit from the project ensured by a smart contract based on Ethereum.

The payment structure: the smart contract enables the token holders to obtain part of the project’s quarterly profit as dividends depending on the acquired share in the total number of tokens.

The number of issued tokens is regulated automatically based on the smart contract depending on the ICO participants’ demand.

The number of tokens permitted for purchase is not restricted.

The token price: 0.001 ETH

Regulations: The possession of GNX tokens by the GINEX TECH LTD company is ruled out. The GNX tokens shall not be re-issued. The GNX tokens shall be crypto markers based on Ethereum.

Pre-ICO bonuses:

- stage 1 (the first 24 hours) +30% of bonus tokens;

- stage 2: +15% token bonuses;

- stage 3: +10% token bonuses;

- stage 4: +5% token bonuses

Timeframe of conducting pre-ICO: 07.06.18 – 08.09.18 00:00:00 GMT

Timeframe of conducting ICO:08.09.18 – 08.10.1800:00:00 GMT


You can participate in the ICO project on the site: http://ginex.tech/.

On the ICO project page you can buy GNX tokens with the aid of the popular crypto currency Ethereum (ETH). Pre-ICO starts 07.06.18 00:00:00 GMT ICO starts 08.09.18 00:00:00 GMT

For the first 24 hours of GINEX Pre-ICO the bonus totals 30%! Be the first one to take part in the project!


We believe that in order to develop large-scale projects we need a team of inspired professionals. That’s why since the beginning of our activities we’ve enlisted gifted developers, analysts, and managers into our collective.

The project manager is Apollon Vladimirovich Stepanov, candidate of engineering, businessman, and investor with many years of experience in research and development in high technology and business.


Are you a mentor or a business adviser? An investor or a businessman? Do you wish to cooperate with us and become our adviser? Write to us at advisers@ginex.tech! We are open to cooperation!

Also, we are prepared to cooperate with mass media and PR experts. If you wish to promote the project with us, please learn more about Ginex Bounty program: http://ginex.tech/documents/Bounty program.pdf

If you have questions about media cooperation, write to us at: media@ginex.tech.

On our part, we are prepared to offer you the Bounty in the form of GNX tokens!


Site ICO: www.ginex.tech

Whitepaper: http://ginex.tech/documents/Whitepaper.pdf

Github: https://github.com/ginextech/ico

Telegram: https://t.me/ginextech

Vk: https://vk.com/ginextech

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2029530297290536/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginextech

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ginextech/


Jan 20, 2018
Hello and welcome to this forum. I wish your ICO do well. I like to ask you that what are the advantages the gamers will get from it. I have understood the benefits of the manufacturer. But why will gamers invest in it?